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July 20th, 2012

Gallagher, Pelletier and Kosteniuk win the Swiss National Championships in Flims

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk finished 3rd of the National Swiss ChampionshipThe 2012 Flims National Swiss Championship just ended today, with the final victory of GM Joe Gallagher with 6.5/9, followed by GM Pelletier and me GM Kosteniuk with 6/9. See the full results and photos below. I am pretty happy with my “+3″ result, with 4 wins and only 1 loss, which will make me win approximately 12 ELO points and bring me to about 2490 ELO (I’m working to get back to my record of 2540). I had some good games against Zueger and Gerber, and Chess King has already posted my game against Korchnoi at this link.

Final results:
1. GM Joe Gallagher (Neuenburg) 6½. 2. GM Yannick Pelletier (Fr/Sz) 6 (24,25). 3. GM Alexandra Kosteniuk (Rus/Sz) 6 (24). 4. IM Oliver Kurmann (Luzern) 5½. 5. IM Julien Carron (Bramois) 4½. 6. IM Markus Klauser (Belp) 4 (16,50). 7. IM Richard Gerber (Genf) 4 (14,25). 8. IM Beat Züger (Siebnen) 3½. 9. IM Alex Domont (Nyon) 3. 10. GM Viktor Kortschnoi (Wohlen/AG) 2.

Pelletier, Gallagher and Kosteniuk in Flims 2012

Above: Gold: Gallagher Silver: Pelletier Bronze: Kosteniuk (accompanied by daughter Francesca)

Swiss National Championship Flims 2012

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk

Above: Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk accompanied by daughter Francesca (5 years old)

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk

Above: Since the National Swiss Championship was called the “Men-tournament”, I had to play like this so nobody would see I’m not a man (just joking – the “men’s section should be called the “general” section).

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk in Flims Switzerland

I was in a good mood after the last round when I found out I was sharing 2nd-3rd place with GM Yannick Pelletier, so I went down to the beautiful Cauma lake

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk in Flims Switzerland at lake Cauma

Above: On the Cauma lake

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk

Above: On Wednesday I went swimming in the lake Cauma

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk swimming in Lake Cauma

Above: The water in the lake Cauma was a little chilly at +19 degrees centigrade but it was wonderful

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk

Above: At a playground having a little fun after my game

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk in Switzerland

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14 Responses to “Gallagher, Pelletier and Kosteniuk win the Swiss National Championships in Flims”

  1. Brenda Figg says:

    Wow chess queen Congrats

  2. Chris, NY says:

    Fantastico Reina Fantastico Hoping to see you cross 2540 sooon. Cute Francesca hope you are teaching her chess as well. Congratulations again.

  3. Andre Marcel, Barcelona says:

    Congratulations Alexandra. A question for site readers: of the two – lake and Alexandra – which is more beautiful?

  4. Youngbloed says:

    Congrats on your Bronze,nice pics !

  5. 314 (France) says:

    Bravo à la Reine CHESS-QUEEN d’avoir réussi à monter sur le podium du “Tournoi des Messieurs” ! Nos amis Helvétes avec cette appellation font preuve d’originalité… C’est heureux toutefois que les Reines puissent jouer dans la cour des Messieurs… et leur ravir la vedette, même quand il s’agit de légendes.

  6. Amrit Puri, Knights Chess Club, New Delhi says:

    Very strong show in a strong field. Congratulations. It is a pleasure to discuss your games in our club. Thank you.

  7. Srinivasan, Colombo says:

    My heartiest congratulations Ms Alexandra. A very good victory. Very happy to know about your rating improvements. I am sure you make more points and up your ratings. Greetings, Srinivasan.

  8. Gilian, London says:

    wow who’s that fourth winner?

  9. Ghazala Naseem, Islamabad says:

    مبارک ہو – You are an inspiration for women across the world Chess Queen. You show a woman can be so much more – a mother, a wife, a daughter, a champion. Asian women look up to you. All the best for your future endeavours.

  10. Grit says:

    Gratulerer sjakk dronning – som var en veldig fin turnering ytelse

  11. Natasha Carlyle, Manchester says:

    So that’s how a GM and World Champion chills out! Have fun Chess Queen. It’s always great to know about your victories. You do all your fans and loved ones so proud.

  12. Cane and Able, New York says:

    Rocking Performance

  13. Ron says:

    Dear Alexandra,

    Does Francesca often travel with you on your world hopping tours?

    Ron “The Bishop” St. Pierre

  14. chessqueen says:

    Dear Ron,

    No, not often at all, usually only when I play in Moscow or in Switzerland.