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Archive for June, 2007

June 23rd, 2007

 Buy Chess Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk's new Book Play Like KosteniukSeveral people have asked us how to buy Alexandra’s new book “Play like Kosteniuk”, with over 100 positions from her games, with solutions. A handy book to take along and train your brains. We have some in stock and Alexandra will gladly autograph a copy for you for the discounted price of only $5.99 instead of the regular price of $9.99 (Payments via Secure Paypal). Order your copy while supplies last by clicking here.

June 19th, 2007

 Chess Grandmaster Alexandra KosteniukIt is with immense happiness and emotion that Alexandra and her husband Diego announce the birth of their daughter Francesca Maria. Francesca was born 2 1/2 months premature, weighing only 1.46 kilos at birth, and spent 8 weeks at the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Today June 19, Francesca has made tremendous progress and was allowed to go home to her parents. You can read about Francesca’s progress on her Official Web Site. Thanks to all of you who sent emails with good wishes the last two months, they helped Alexandra in this very stressful period at the hospital.

June 12th, 2007

 Winners to Alexandra Kosteniuk Chess PuzzleAlexandra was overwhelmed by the large number of correct answers to her last chess puzzle (1. Ra3+! bxa3 2. b3 mate), so she has decided to give 20 free copies of her new book Play like a Champion as prizes. To the left is a collage of some of the great chess photos that people sent in for extra credit (those entries had more chances to be chosen). Thanks to all of you who have sent Alexandra good wishes about her baby, she is very thankful to all of you. Alexandra has just written to the winners asking for their mailing addresses. Winners come from Switzerland, Singapore, Finland, USA, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Palestine, Indonesia, Germany, UK. Chess allows you to make friends all over the world! Chess is cool!