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Archive for April, 2002

April 23rd, 2002

Dear Friends!
Today, on the 23th of April, The World-Vice Chess Champion and the Champion of our hearts Alexandra Kosteniuk celebrates her 18th birthday!
The administration of the site is happy to congratulate her on this holiday.
We wish you Love, we wish you joy,
  We wish you smiles and glory,
We wish you what we wish ourselves,
  A share in the world’s chess story

We wish everything what means happiness to you, Good luck in all you do!

If you wish to join us in congratulating Alexandra click here

April 15th, 2002

Welcome to the World of Chess from Alexandra Kosteniuk!
If you don’t play chess at all but you want to start learning, you have a wonderful opportunity to study the first lessons from the book by Alexandra Kosteniuk ‘How I became Grandmaster at age 14‘.

April 10th, 2002

Alexandra walks around the world!
After some interesting publications in the press of England, Belgium and some other countries and after winning the title of the Best ChessBase Player of the year, Alexandra is getting more and more popular in Germany. A famous and influential magazine ‘Spiegel’ published an article about her. It says that Alexandra due to her beauty is often called by journalists ‘Kournikova of Chess’, but there is a great difference between Alexandra and Anna Kournikova: Anna hasn’t yet won any tournament! Click here to read.

April 2nd, 2002

Dear Guests!
We are glad to inform you that the brilliant collection of publications about Alexandra is now enriched by a new article in a famous Russian magazine ‘Yat’ with a wonderful pictures on its cover.
You can find all the pictures in our new gallery