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December 19th, 2011


December 16, 2011 E-Newsletter                   Chess King Chess Queen Chess Blog


Hello my dear chess friends!

I’m trying out my newsletter in this new format, I hope you will like it. I’m grateful to you for signing up, and appreciate any feedback you may have. Most of you are my closest fans, and I value your opinion, so I will make sure to read all your emails, and to give you value in each one of my messages. My newsletter will only be filled with the love of chess, chess news, trivia and chess puzzle competitions, prizes and good deals. Let’s start!

This year had a lot of ups and downs for me. I started the year great by winning the Moscow women’s invitational then won the Russian Team Championship with my team, but then played poorly in the European Championship in Tbilisi, won the Swiss Chess960 and women Swiss titles, played horribly at the Nalchik Grand Prix, was the top lady player at the St. Louis Kings vs Queens, won the European Team Championship with my team, and just last week won the first Gold medal at the Mind Sport Games (and today another Bronze medal). The year is not over yet, I fly today to Turkey for the World Team Championship, I hope my team and I will do fine!

Concerning my activities beside the chess board, I conducted lots of simuls and goodwill events for kids (Detroit), Culinary events (St. Petersburg), created a clothing brand Chess Queen Couture, signed a partnership with an exclusive watch manufacturer, helped promote a Russian chess pieces manufacturer, helped promote a Peace project in Palestine, sponsored my own kids tournament in Svetlogorsk, and most recently, launched with my husband a new brand of powerful and affordable chess software, Chess King and Chess King Training which I hope you won’t mind trying out (press release, description, shop, super discount combos).

Below you will find some cool moments from my games, a trivia competition and some fantastic deals for the holiday season.



Black plays and wins (A. Muzychuk – Kosteniuk)

This position was from yesterday’s game against A. Muzychuk in the blindfold championship of the Mind Sports Games in Beijing. I was able to find a nice win which started with 19…Rxb2!! and 5 moves later Muzychuk resigned. Check it out.

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I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012!

May Love and chess be with you and your families!

Yours in chess, Alexandra Kosteniuk, 12th women’s world chess champion