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Archive for November, 2003

November 30th, 2003

Alexandra is live on CNNAlexandra was live on CNN this morning talking about chess, about how great a game it is, how good it is for children, since it helps develop their concentration skills, memory, and helps them to be more successful at school and in life. She talked about her goodwill simuls, her modelling, and her chess career. Her goal is to popularize chess in the world, to be an ambassador for the game. We will soon have an album with photos and hopefully a video clip for you. If you would like to help Alexandra develop chess in the world, please help by purchasing something from our webshop or donating to Alexandra’s Chess Fund. Any amount helps! Thanks!

November 29th, 2003

Alexandra is the highest rated Woman in the USAAlexandra’s trainings and chess practice in the USA (Foxwoods and World Open) have paid out! In the December 2003 USCF Rating list, Alexandra got 2573 points, and is the highest rated woman in the USA! In the top 100 men list, Alexandra is number 29, a most successful result. Come and see Alexandra in Chicago on December 12 at 9AM, where she will be giving a simul to the kids during the K-12 Scholastics and will be handing free gifts (Swiss watches, CD’s, caps, pens, autographed photos). Be sure to come and support her!

November 22nd, 2003

Mate in two moves We have received 218 correct answers to our puzzle competition: 1 Qh8!! very unexpected and beautiful solution! Alexandra has decided to give out 18 main prizes – Here are the winners: Ron, Roberto (Italy), Yochanan Afek (Amsterdam), Sir James (Hong Kong), Dr. James Fabunmi, Denis Maragoudakis, Albert Rich (California), Dave Bayless (Colorado), Photios Barvas (Switzerland), Fadi Qassis (Palestine), Corno Claver (South Africa), Daniel (Australia), Aeron Ives, Bill Schulte (Illinois), Kaz Ozawa (Japan), Aldo Haik (France), Michael (New Zealand), and Yuri Braverman. Yonachan Afek gets a special prize since he even pointed out that the original problem on which we based on puzzle had the Queen on f6, which makes the first move 1.Qh8 even more surprising and beautiful! We have emailed the 18 winners asking for their addresses, we will ship them their gift from Alexandra! And the next 200 correct solvers, will also get a consolation prize in their email these next couple of days! Keep posted for more puzzles and more prizes in the future! 🙂