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June 5th, 2010


Hello everybody!

Here is a list of my chess resources, apart from my personal blog : <— my home page in English <— my home page in Russian <— my chess blog in English <— my photos <— chess movies in .mp4 <— chess movies in flash <— my audio podcast “Chess is Cool” <— my video podcast “Chess Killer Tips” <— my official YouTube channel (English) <— my official Twitter account (English) <— my official Twitter account (Russian) <— my official Facebook fan page (English) <— my official LiveJournal page (Russian) <— YouTube Kosteniuk news channel <— YouTube Chess Killer Tips official channel <— The best chess PGN player on the planet <— my page on the Social Network “VKontakte” (Russian) <— my chess shop where you can find my DVD’s & Books <— My LinkedIn Page

My favorite Russian News Links:

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