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April 27th, 2011

Kosteniuk Chess Games from Olginka

Hello everyone!
I’m pleased to report that my team won the Russian Team Championship in Olginka, Russia. My team was comprised of (from left to right in the photo) Alina Kashlinskaya (Board 5, 4/5), Valentina Gunina (Board 2, 4/6), Alexandra Kosteniuk (Board 1, 6/7), Olga Girya (Board 4, 2/4), and Marina Romanko (Board 3, 2/6). In second position was the team led by Zhukova and Munguntuul, and in 3rd the team led by Stefanova and Lahno. The championship was very strong this year.

I present to you all my 7 games, in the pgn player below.
Most important games: Against Galliamova, Zhukova, Stefanova
Nice combination 31. Rh8+ against Iljushina
My personal favorite: Against Zhukova where my [black] king goes all the way to a1
Select the game you want to watch from the pull-down menu below:
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April 19th, 2011

Russian Team Chess Championships 2011

Hello everyone!
I am playing at the Russian Team Championships, in Olginka, Krasnodar Region. My team is from Moscow and is called “ШСМ – РГСУ”, in order of boards: Kosteniuk, Gunina, Romanko, Girya, Kashlinskaya. You can check out how we’re doing by clicking on the following links: Watch all games LIVE each day, Official site of the Russian Chess Federation, Team results, individual results.

I present my games in the pgn viewer below. Select the game you want from the pull-down menu. Below you will find more games from this event.
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