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January 14th, 2013

Wonderful Chess Letters from Vicky Guadagno’s Students

Chess drawing by Josephine ChanHello everyone! I was so happy today to receive a huge box filled with wonderful chess letters from Vicky Guadagno’s 2nd grade chess students from P.S. 18 in Queens (New York), with beautiful drawings, wishes, even gifts! I will treasure them! Vicky tells me chess is as popular as ever at her school, that’s great, although I am sure a lot has to do with the fact Vicky is the teacher. Below I thank everyone who sent me letters. I will be putting in the mail today some chess gifts for all of Vicky’s chess students to enjoy! Check out Vicky Guadagno’s LinkedIn Profile, Facebook Page, Web site.

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January 11th, 2013

Dr Laura Ciel Live Radio Interview of Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk on the Dr Laura Ciel Radio ShowYesterday January 9 I was interviewed live on top rated Dr Laura Ciel Radio Show. You can listen to it here. The Dr Laura Ciel Show Is A Global Talk Show With The Intent To Inspire People Who Find Themselves In A Place Of Frustration, Sadness, Despair, Grief, Anger, Crisis Or Chaos To Create The Life They Want To Live. Through Your Questions, Information And Guest Interviews Listeners Will Be Inspired To Drop Their Excuses And Start Living The Life They Want Right Now Whether It Is In The Areas Of Personal Achievement, Relationships, Career+Money And/Or Health+Body. You can read about Dr. Laura’s Ciel show here.

January 3rd, 2013

Russian Scientific Documentary about the Super Brain of Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk

Super Brain of Chess Queen Alexandra KosteniukWe were able to get hold of the 27-minute Russian scientific documentary produced for the Russian TV channel “Russia 2” last month and called “Супер Мозг” = “Super Brain”. The game of chess is used to show how the brain works. The video features 12th Women’s World Chess Champion and Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk, who goes through several scientific experiments, including a brain tomography while solving a chess problem. Experiments are also conducted with male GM Alexander Riazantsev to see if there are any differences between men’s and women’s brains. There are differences. The video is in Russian, note that you can use the “subtitles” feature of YouTube, it’s wonderful, the subtitles are translated on the fly, mouse over the arrow in the bottom right of the player and then choose the CC option to see the captions menu. Once you do, you will see the default language and the ability to “translated” the captions. Once you click on “translate,” you will be able to choose from 35 different languages.
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January 2nd, 2013

Chess Queen Kosteniuk Reviews her Chess Year 2012

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk reviews 2012 performance My 2012 competition chess year is over! It was filled with interesting games, exciting discoveries, beautiful combinations and sad omissions. In this post I review my 2012 chess year so I can move forward to my competition year 2013. Overall the year 2012 was quite successful for me – I increased my rating by 50 points to 2495 Elo as well as got new great rapid (2575) and blitz (2581) ratings. I was able to win several important events. In this post I share with you (in Russian for the moment – use Google Translate for full text in English – but you get to see the photos and games) the most important and memorable events of 2012.
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