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Archive for November, 2006

November 22nd, 2006

 chess champion Alexandra Kosteniuk shows how fast chess players can be at blitz chess We are sure you will enjoy the 3-minute video clip we have prepared for you, showing Alexandra playing very fast blitz chess with GM Alexander Riazantsev. As usual, Alexandra gives her comments all along the video. Click HERE to watch it. Enjoy!

November 20th, 2006

 chess champion Alexandra Kosteniuk beat Vladimir Potkin at the Tal memorial Blitz in MoscowYou can watch Alexandra’s game against GM Vladimir Potkin (ELO 2580) in a 9:44 minutes video (15.2 MB) by clicking here. All along the game Alexandra comments all the moves, and so this video has great instructional value. The bandwidth for that movie is offered by our friends at, thanks! If you’d like to get the pgn file of this game, please write Alexandra an email and she will send the moves of that game to you. We will soon have several more of Alexandra’s games in video, so come back soon to get the link. NEW! Blitz video against GM Evgeniy Najer, click HERE to see it. More videos to come very soon.

November 17th, 2006

 chess champion Alexandra Kosteniuk is playing in the Tal memorial Blitz in MoscowAlexandra did really well today, winning 2-0 against GM Stutovsky (2607), and obtaining wins against GM Naer (2648) and GM Smirin (2659). She only lost 2 matches against GM Bu (2671) and GM Rublevsky (2688). All in all, Alexandra obtained 8.5 points and shared 21st place, much better than her 36th starting number, ahead of seasoned GM’s (see final table). The tournament was won by GM’s Jobava and Karjakin, ahead of Radjabov, Jakovenko, Bologam and Timofeev. We are preparing some video material for you, come back soon to see it.

November 16th, 2006

 chess champion Alexandra Kosteniuk is playing in the Tal memorial Blitz in MoscowAlexandra has been invited to the extremely strong Tal Memorial Blitz tournament in Moscow, taking place today and tomorrow 16-17 of November. She’s the only woman allowed to play in this tournament. There are 40 players, of which 38 GM’s and 2 IM’s. Alexandra is rated #36 on the start list but after the first day she’s tied for 20-26 place, with 4 out of 8, together with GM’s Karjakin, Sutovsky, Bu, and ahead of some very strong GM’s. Her first 4 matches went as follows: 1) Loss to GM Joel Lautier (2656) 2) Win against GM Smirnov (2623), 3) Draw against GM Inarkiev (2628), and 4) Win against GM Potkin (2580). Good start! You can see all results on this page. we will soon post photos and videos of some of Alexandra’s games.

November 7th, 2006

Waldo Matus draws chess champion Alexandra KosteniukWell-known cartoonist Waldo Matus has drawn Alexandra and has given us permission to show you a bigger version of his work. You can see more of his drawings by visiting his site.