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December 24th, 2002

We have a WINNER: Raymond Dowson!!
Out of about 700 guesses (about 500 unique), Raymond was the only person who guessed right "ROCK RULES". We didn’t think it would turn out to be so difficult (well we knew the answer!), and so we’ll send consolation prizes to all the people who guessed at least one of the two words "ROCK" or "RULES", David Preciado, Paul Dupre, Ciaran Johnson, L.Loyd, and Paul Graham (tell me if I forgot anybody). Thanks to all for taking part in the competition, and happy holidays to all!

December 23rd, 2002

Christmas Competition UPDATE Dec. 23: Two days left and still no winner! We have received more than 500 guesses (400+ unique two-word combinations), but all wrong – some close (first and second line were guessed right individually but not together) 🙂 what do you think is written on Alexandra’s T-shirt (first AND second line)? No more than 10 more guesses per person and send an email and win a signed copy of Alexandra’s book! Good luck! We’ll take off Alexandra’s jacket on Christmas day and you’ll see the answer for yourself!! Here are the unsuccessul guesses so far.
A nice article just came out in the U.S. edition of ELLE GIRL (Holiday 2002). You can see the first page here
and the second page here,

December 6th, 2002

For those of you who speak Russian :-)), you’ll find a very interesting article in today’s (December 6, 2002) Kommersant here.

December 6th, 2002

For those of you who speak German :-), an article about Alexandra came out in the German newspaper Die Welt (November 7, 2002). You can see it here.