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October 7th, 2011

Chess Analysis Video Game Kosteniuk – Kurmann

Hello everybody!

I have received lots of emails asking to explain my game against Olivier Kurmann from Leukerbad (Loeche-les-Bains) from this summer’s Swiss National Chess Tournament. In one variation I was ready to sacrifice my Queen (with the move 20. Nxe6!). So I made a video where you can see all the details of the combination that started with 16. c5! and culminated in my opponent resigning after 20. Qh6! A nice miniature, especially nice since I played 1. d4 on the first move, which usually leads to quiet games, but that was not the case in this one!


You can watch the video below, and a little below the playable chess applet from Chess King.






Kosteniuk, Alexandra – Kurmann, O

Result: 1-0
Site: Leukerbad (Switzerland)
Date: 2011.07.10

[…] 15…¦cd8

(15…c5 16.¦fe1 ¤f6 17.d5 ¤e4 etc. 1/2-1/2, Medvegy,Z 2531 – Ernst,S 2587 , Baden-Baden GER 10/10/2010 Schachbundesliga 2010-11)

16.c5! bxc5 17.¥c4 ¤b6

(17…¦fe8 18.¤g5 ¤f8 19.dxc5 ¥xc5 20.¤xe6!! ¤xe6
(20…¥xe3 21.¤xd8+ ¢h8
(21…¤e6 22.¤xe6 ¥a6 23.¥xa6 £xe6 (23…¥b6 24.¤xg7) 24.¥c4)

22.¤f7+ ¢g8 23.¤h6+ ¢h8 24.¤xf5)

21.¥xe6+ ¢h8 22.£h6! ¥c8 23.¥c4 ¦xd1 24.¦xd1 £e1+ 25.¦xe1 ¦xe1+ 26.¥f1+-)

18.¥xe6+ ¢h8 19.dxc5 ¥xc5 20.£h6! Black Resigns 20…… (20…¥d4 21.¤xd4 gxh6 22.¤xf5+)



By the way, can you tell which Grandmasters are on the photo apart from me?





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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very tough. A high level of focus, strong calculations and definitely fitness. Impressive.