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September 18th, 2015

Pawn Sacrifice Competition Winners

Hi everyone!
I posted a competition on my newsletter, Facebook and Twitter and am glad to announce the winners below. The competition was in honor of the Bleecker Street’s new film PAWN SACRIFICE movie, which is coming out on September 25th. Since the movie is about World Champion Bobby Fischer, you needed to offer the best way to proceed in the position given. This position is from the 6th game of the World Championship Match of 1972 between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky.  Bobby played 20. e4! in this position, and went on to win the game in a nice fashion (see the game in a Chess King applet below).

The winners are:

A) From my newsletter: (if you don’t get the newsletter, sign up in the right column)
1st prize- The official Pawn Sacrifice Hoodie, 2 free tickets to the movie, PS scorepad and PS official pencil go to John White: congratulations!!
2- Kevin Sibbitt: PS scorepad and PS official pencil and my DVD “Kosteniuk Best Games”
3- Steven Abrahams: PS scorepad and PS official pencil and Interactive course on 4 world champions
4- Chris from Space Coast: Interactive course on Bobby Fischer

B) From Facebook: and/or
5- Lorenzo Faglia: World Chess Anthology Combo
6- Greg Ranger: Interactive course on Bobby Fischer
7- Michael Bouton: PS scorepad and PS official pencil and my DVD “Kosteniuk Best Games”
8- Michael Bartus: my DVD “Kosteniuk Best Games”
9- Ben Gfrorer: my DVD “Kosteniuk Best Games”

C) From Twitter:
10- Bobby Fischer (nick @fischerrandom): my DVD “Kosteniuk Best Games”

I sent emails or posted the names of the winners, make sure to send me your mailing addresses so I can mail out the gifts!

Again, congratulations to the winners and thanks to all for participating!


This is the game in question:

Fischer Robert J (USA) (2785) – Spassky Boris V (FRA) (2660)

Result: 1-0
Site: Reykjavik (Iceland)
Date: 1972
[…] 1.c4 e6 2.¤f3 d5 3.d4 ¤f6 4.¤c3 ¥e7 5.¥g5 O-O 6.e3 h6 7.¥h4 b6 8.cxd5 ¤xd5 9.¥xe7 £xe7 10.¤xd5 exd5 11.¦c1 ¥e6 12.£a4 c5 13.£a3 ¦c8 14.¥b5 (14.¥e2) 14…a6 (14…£b7!15.dxc5 bxc5 16.¦xc5 ¦xc5 17.£xc5 ¤a6=) 15.dxc5 bxc5 16.O-O ¦a7?!

16…£a7!?17.¥a4 a5! (17…¤d7 18.¥xd7 ¥xd7 19.¦fd1 ¥e6 20.b4²) 18.£b3 ¤d7 19.¥xd7 £xd7= Makarychev – Sturua, USSR (Spartakiada) Moscow 1979

(16…£b7 17.¥a4 £b6 18.¤e5²) 17.¥e2²17…¤d7

17…a5 18.¦c3 ¤d7 19.¦fc1 ¦e8 20.¥b5 ¥g4 21.¤d2 d4 22.exd4 cxd4 23.£xe7 ¦xe7 24.¦c8+±  With the idea ¤b3 Furman – Geller, Moscow 1970

(17…c4 18.£xe7 ¦xe7 19.¤d4 ¤c6 20.¤xe6 fxe6 21.b3± Krogius) (17…£f8 Tal) (17…¢f8) 18.¤d4!18…£f8

18…¤f6 19.¤b3 ¤d7 (19…c4 20.£xe7 ¦xe7 21.¤d4± Gligoric) 20.¦c3² Tal

19.¤xe6 fxe6 20.e4!20…d4? (20…dxe4 all black pawns are very weak)

20…c4 21.£h3 £f7
21…¤c5 22.exd5 exd5 23.¦fd1 ¦d8±24.¥f3 (24.¦xd5 ¦xd5 25.¦xc4 ¦ad7) 24…¤d3 Krogius

22.¥g4 ¦e8 23.exd5 exd5 24.¦fe1 ¦xe1+

24…¤e5 25.¥h5 g6 26.£g3 ¦ae7 27.f4 ¢h7²
27…¤d3 28.¦xe7 ¦xe7 29.¥xg6 £xf4 30.¥f7+!30…¢xf7 31.¦f1 £xf1+ 32.¢xf1 ¦e1+ 33.£xe1 ¤xe1 34.¢xe1±

25.¦xe1 ¤f8² Tal

21.f4±21…£e7 22.e5!22…¦b8

22…¤b6 23.£b3 (23.f5 exf5?24.£b3++⁠−) 23…¤d5 24.f5!


23…¤b6 24.£b3!+⁠− Tal
24.£xc5?!24…¤xc4 25.£xc4 ¦xb2 26.£xd4 (26.f5 £g5 With counter-play) 26…¦ab7± (26…¦xa2 27.f5!27…¦d7 28.f6!+⁠−)

24.£h3 ¤f8

24…¦xb2 25.£xe6!25…£xe6 26.¥xe6 d3 27.¦fd1+⁠− Krogius

25.b3 a5 26.f5+⁠−26…exf5 27.¦xf5 ¤h7 28.¦cf1 (28.¦f7?28…¤g5) 28…£d8 29.£g3 ¦e7 30.h4! x¤h7 30…¦bb7 31.e6 ¦bc7 32.£e5 £e8 (32…d3 33.¦5f3+⁠−) 33.a4!33…£d8 34.¦1f2 £e8 35.¦2f3 £d8 36.¥d3 £e8 37.£e4!  With the idea ¦f8 37…¤f6 38.¦xf6!38…gxf6 39.¦xf6 ¢g8 40.¥c4 ¢h8 41.£f4 (41.¦f7!)

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