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July 25th, 2012

Kosteniuk’s Slow Motion Checkmate Knockout chess video vs Wang Hao goes viral on YouTube

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk check mates Wang HaoLess than 24 hours have passed since we posted on YouTube the 1 minute 47 seconds video of the checkmate, and over 1000 views have been registered on YouTube, and the number is rising fast [now 3 days = 3,000+ views]. The video shows the confident looking Chinese #1 Super Grandmaster Wang Hao blunder against an opponent ranked close to 300 ELO points below him, and the brutal shock he gets with the checkmating of his king. The moves are in extreme slow-motion, and you can imagine the thought process that went in the Chinese GM’s mind when he was holding on to his knight on f5. Here is the direct link to the video in YouTube. Please click “Thumbs Up” or “Like” if you appreciate the video and would like more chess videos by Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk. Some more “classic” chess videos you must watch: Anand, Aronian, Carlsen, Judit Polgar,

There are lots more nice videos on my YouTube channel “ChessQueen”, and especially the next ones present a nice checkmate at the end of the game.

Above: My win against Grischuk, look at his expression at the end of the game, priceless!

Above: my win against Morozevich, a very nice unexpected checkmate at the very end!

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17 Responses to “Kosteniuk’s Slow Motion Checkmate Knockout chess video vs Wang Hao goes viral on YouTube”

  1. sandra, rome says:

    wow that was cruel – big battle of nerves – a chess queen beating chinese no. 1 guy – real cool