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February 3rd, 2014

Kosteniuk gets Bronze in Moscow Rapid Chess Superfinal

Chess Queen Alexandra KosteniukAfter a not-so-good start 2/5 on the first day of the Moscow Rapid Chess Superfinal, Alexandra Kosteniuk was able to come back with 4/4 to tie for 3rd place, then beat Olga Girya in the Bronze tie-break in a very sharp Sicilian Defense game. See below some photos (thanks to the organizer) of the event and the last tie-break game in Chess King’s applet. You can download a PDF analysis of the last game, generated by the chess software Chess King.

The full result of the tournament are below, congrats to Daria Charochkina for an excellent result.

With Valentina Gunina (second place):

Having fun playing chess:

Signing posters:

Kosteniuk, Alexandra – Girya, Olga

Result: 1-0
Date: 2014.01
[…] 1.e4 c5 2.♘f3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.♘xd4 ♘c6 5.♘c3 ♕c7 6.♗e2 ♘f6 7.♗e3 ♗e7 8.f4 d6 9.♕d2 ♘xd4 10.♗xd4 e5 11.♗b5+ !?N

11.♗e3 a6
11…O-O 12.O-O-O ♗d7
12…a6 13.g4 b5 14.♘d5 ♘xd5 15.exd5 ♗b7 16.♔b1 exf4 17.♗xf4 ♖fe8 18.g5 ♗c8 19.h4 ♗f5 20.♗d3 ♕d7 21.h5 ♖ac8 22.a3 ♗xd3 23.♕xd3 ♕g4 24.h6 g6 25.♖df1 ♗f8 26.♖f2 ♖c5 27.b4 ♖c4 28.♖hf1 f5 29.gxf6 ♔f7 30.♗c1 ♖ee4 31.c3 ♕h5 32.♖f4 ♖xf4 33.♖xf4 ♖xf4 34.♗xf4 ♔xf6 35.♔b2 ♕g4 36.♗e3 ♕f5 37.♕d4+ ♕e5 38.c4 ♔f5 39.♔c3 ♕xd4+ 40.♔xd4 bxc4 41.a4 ♗e7 42.a5 ♗h4 43.♔xc4 ♗e1 44.♗g1 g5 45.♗h2 g4 46.♗xd6 g3 47.♗xg3 ♗xg3 48.♔c5 ♔f6 49.b5 1/2-1/2, Svidler Peter (RUS) 2752 – Ivanisevic Ivan (SRB) 2619 , Warsaw 11/ 8/2013 Ch Europe (team)

13.g4 ♘xg4 14.♘d5 ♕d8 15.♗xg4 ♗xg4 16.♖df1 exf4 17.♗d4 ♗g5 18.♖hg1 f3 19.♘e3 h5 20.♔b1 f6 21.♖f2 ♖e8 22.h3 ♗xh3 23.♕c3 ♖xe4 24.♖xf3 ♗g4 25.♕b3+ d5 26.♘xg4 hxg4 27.♖d3 ♕d7 28.♖gd1 ♕f7 29.a4 a6 30.♗c5 d4 31.♕b6 ♖ae8 32.♗xd4 ♖e1 33.♗c3 ♖xd1+ 34.♖xd1 f5 35.♕c5 ♗e3 36.♕d6 ♗h6 37.♖h1 ♕e6 38.♕c7 ♕c6 39.♕h2 g3 40.♕h3 f4 41.♖g1 ♖e2 42.♖d1 ♕e6 43.♕h5 g2 44.a5 ♔h7 0-1, Bacrot Etienne (FRA) 2721 – Potkin Vladimir (RUS) 2619 , Germany 1/31/2009 Bundesliga 2008/09

12.a4 O-O 13.O-O ♗e6 14.♖fd1 ♖ac8 15.f5 ♗d7 16.a5 ♗c6 17.♗f3 h6 18.♕f2 ♘h7 19.♗b6 ♕b8 20.h4 ♗d7 21.♘d5 ♗d8 22.g4 ♗c6 23.♘c3 ♗xb6 24.axb6 ♖cd8 25.♕g3 ♖d7 26.g5 hxg5 27.hxg5 ♕d8 28.f6 ♕xb6+ 29.♔h2 ♕e3 30.♖g1 ♕f4 31.♕xf4 exf4 32.♖a5 ♖e8 33.♖f5 ♖e5 34.♖xf4 ♖xg5 35.♗g4 ♖c7 36.fxg7 ♔xg7 37.♖d1 ♘f6 38.♗h3 ♖e7 39.♖xd6 ♘h5 40.♖h4 ♘f6 41.♗f5 ♖e5 42.♖d4 ♖c5 43.♖d3 b5 44.♖d2 b4 45.♘e2 a5 46.♘d4 ♗b7 47.♖e2 ♖e5 48.♖f4 a4 49.♖ef2 ♖e8 50.♗h3 ♖g6 51.♘f5+ ♔g8 52.♘d6 ♖e7 53.♘xb7 ♖xb7 54.♖xf6 ♖xf6 55.♖xf6 ♖c7 56.c3 bxc3 57.bxc3 ♖xc3 58.♖a6 a3 59.♗f5 ♔g7 60.♔g2 ♔f8 61.♔f2 ♔e7 62.♔e2 ♖g3 63.♔d2 ♖f3 64.♔c2 ♖e3 65.♔b1 ♔e8 1-0, Kosteniuk, Alexandra 2527 – Girya, Olga 2438 , Moscow RUS 1/30/2014 ch-Moscow Superfinal w 2014

11…♗d7 12.♗xd7+ ♕xd7 13.♗e3 ♕c6 14.♕d3 exf4 15.♗xf4 O-O 16.O-O-O ♖fd8 17.g4 ♘d7

17…♘xg4 18.♘d5 ♖e8 19.♖hg1 ♘e5 20.♗xe5 dxe5 21.♕g3 g6 22.♔b1 ♖ac8 23.♖g2 ♕e6 24.h4 h5 25.♕e3 ♔h7 26.♕xa7 ♗xh4 27.♕xb7 ♖b8 28.♕a7 ♖a8 29.♕e3 ♖ec8 30.a3 ♖ab8 31.c3 ♖c4 32.♔a2 ♖a4 33.♔a1 ♕d6 34.♖h2 ♗d8⩲ (0:02:13) [ /= (+0.18)] d=26 Houdini4a –

18.♘d5 ♗f8 19.g5 ♘c5 20.♕f3 ♖ac8 21.♖d2 ♕a4 22.♘c3 ♕c4 23.♔b1 ♖e8 24.♖e1 b5 25.♕e2 ♕xe2 26.♖dxe2 a6 27.♘d5 ♘e6 28.♗c1 ♖c4 29.b3 ♖cc8 30.♗b2 ♘c5 31.h4 ♘d7 32.♖f1 ♘c5 33.♖f4 ♘e6 34.♖g4 ♘c7 35.♘e3 ♖e6 36.♘f5 ♖ce8 37.h5 ♘a838.♘h6+!! gxh6 39.gxh6+ ♖g6 40.hxg6 hxg6 41.h7+ ♔xh7 42.♖h4+ ♗h6 43.♖eh2

That’s me:

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12th women’s world chess champion

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  1. Xavier says:

    Dear Alexandra,

    I hope it’s not real fur what you were wearing, although I realize it’s cold in Russia.

    Anyway, congratulations, great way to start 2014!