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October 3rd, 2011

Kosteniuk Calls for Donations to FIDE Peace & Sport Project in Palestine

Hello everyone!
As Champion for Peace, after inaugurating the “Ajedrez por la Paz” program in Puerto Tejada, Colombia (see photos) last April, I am pleased to report that I continue to be committed to Peace and am now the patron of a joint project run by the National Chess Federations in Israel and Palestine, with FIDE, called “Chess for Leadership and Creativity“, supported by the NGOs “Jerusalem Suburbs Community Center” and “Care Palestine.” The organization “Peace & Sport“, who does so much to make life better for so many kids in the world, is calling for donations for this project, please help if you can, by clicking here then on the Donations tab.

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2 Responses to “Kosteniuk Calls for Donations to FIDE Peace & Sport Project in Palestine”

  1. Jessica Bentley, London says:

    Wow. I had no clue that Kosteniuk even supported such efforts. Commendable. It is heartening to know that people like you understand their responsibility. Most celebrities don’t really care what is happening in the world beyond themselves. The point is that once you are a public figure you must realise that speaking up for causes can make a difference. My congratulations. I wish you best in all your endeavours.