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September 3rd, 2012

Istanbul Chess Olympiad Rest Day Photos by Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk

The Russian Women's Chess Team at the Istanbul Chess OlympiadsThe world is watching the games and the results of the 2012 Istanbul Chess Olympiads, on the official site or on Chess Blog, it’s the biggest chess event of the year. 5 rounds have been played, see the results page. There are 6 more to go, so anything is possible. On the photo to the left you can see our Russian women’s team, with coaches, having a rest moment at a coffee shop today Sunday. If you tried to recognize all the players, they are: Rublevsky, Pogonina, Kosteniuk, N. Kosintseva, Dokhoian, T. Kosintseva, Riazantsev and Naer. That’s a powerful Elo average of approx. 2582! Below you can find some more photos of today’s tourism in Istanbul.

Posted by Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk
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12 Responses to “Istanbul Chess Olympiad Rest Day Photos by Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk”

  1. Ron St. Pierre says:

    Dear Alexandra,

    Don’t they have chess tournaments in Japan. So would like to meet you in real life.

    Loves your pictures.

    Ar Este Pi

  2. alexis cochran, nz says:

    as usual i love the photos – actually lately i wait for the rest day in tournaments you play for the special photos you are awesome dearest chess queen play well

  3. gerard, london says:

    already praying for the gold for you chess queen go kill

  4. Stefanie, Paris says:

    go girl go

  5. Jason Bourne, Los Angeles says:

    all the best to you chess queen hoping that you are all rejuvenated for the second half of the istanbul olympiad WIN okay

  6. J.L. Vienna says:

    Come on Russia come on Chess Queen not settling for anything less than gold Cheers on the coffee

  7. Srinivasan, Colombo says:

    Hello Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk I have been watching all your games and I congratulate your spirit to fight for your country and your very attacking games full of ideas. It is a pleasure to watch all your games and they are so much more thrilling when watching live. Wishing you and your team all the best in Istanbul.

  8. Jenkins, Colorado says:

    okies followin u on instagram too your majesty


    Woohoo what a group stay strong chess queen champion gold is coming

  10. chessqueen says:

    Hi Ron,

    Not many tournaments in Japan, maybe because of Shogi which is more popular. I’d love to visit Japan one day! I’ve been a lot in Asia, China many times, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, but never Japan. I hope one day!

  11. Gilian, London says:

    I hope you girls smack poland 4-0 today

  12. anonymous says:

    go for the kill