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March 4th, 2016

Gold Medal for Kosteniuk at the 2016 IMSA Elite Mind Games

I’m still in China at the 2016 IMSA Mind Sport Games, in which I participated in all chess events. I will return home tomorrow but wanted to post my results and a few photos from the event. I am happy because I ended the event very nicely by winning the Basque event (in which we play 2 games at the same time against the same opponent). I got 7 points in that event, followed by Nana Dzagnidze with 6 and Valentina Gunina with 6 points. In the blitz event I missed bronze by just a little and got 4th, Lahno won that event, and in the rapid, I got 12th with Tan Zhongyi taking Gold. Overall a great event very nicely hosted by the Chinese. See more results and photos below and also on my Instagram feed (you can follow me on Instagram to see all my photos during my travels and tournaments).

From my Instagram feed: besides my Gold medal I got a very cute Chinese toy monkey and will keep it for my daughter, she’ll be very happy.

My Gold medal and the winner’s plush toy:

and the 3 winners of the Basque event:

Here is the table of the Basque Event:

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Some photos of me playing at the 2016 IMSA event in China this week:

With Lilit Mkrtchian:

And just after getting my Gold Medal:

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