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February 9th, 2012

FaceChess Card features Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk

Hello everyone!
Our friends with “FaceChess” cards have just released their continuing 2012 series and I am so pleased to be featured on one of the cards, in such good company! Have a look at the cards below. You can see the FaceChess cards on eBay under search FaceChess and you can buy them at individually or in a complete set.” There is a set on sale now at this link. There is a huge market for sport cards collecting and it would be nice that chess takes on, it would help chess get more popular!

More information about the current eBay listing:

A 2012 FaceChess Ltd. – Chess Feats (Events in Chess History), auction includes:

(5) Five Cards Total
(1) No. 6 – Magnus Carlsen – Expectant World Chess Champion
(1) No. 7 – Francois Philidor – World’s Finest 18th Century Chess Player
(1) No. 8 – 1936 Nottingham – University of Nottingham Chess Tournament
(1) No. 9 – Alexandra Kosteniuk – 12th Women’s World Chess Champion
(1) No. 10 – Aron Nimzowitsch – Candidate for the World Championship of Chess

Condition of cards are like-new and in near mint to better condition. Cards are shipped within a card sleeve and a top loader. Shipping costs are included for those purchasing within the continental U.S. For worldwide shipping charges, add 4.95 for the first FaceChess set with 2.50 each additional set, otherwise 0.50 each single card after the first.

About the Cards

With their first established 2011 FaceChess series concluded. FaceChess continues to advance and restore chess cards in their next 2012 tobacco/cigarette fashion. Included in this set are a total of the second (5) five subjects (6-10). A limited edition; these cards remain in short production. Listed by their numerical order:

1. Alexander Alekhine
2. Bobby Fischer
3. Samuel Reshevsky
4. Paul Morphy
5. Jose Capablanca
6. Magnus Carlsen
7. Francois Philidor
8. 1936 Nottingham
9. Alexandra Kosteniuk
10. Aron Nimzowitsch

The cards sit each at 3.5 inches x 2 inches and are certain to be widely accepted by both chess collectors and card investors alike for both their scarcity, and their soon availability in collecting the entire set.

What are Chess Cards?

Normally we do not associate chess within the world of sports cards, however they are considered multi-sport. They have originated just as any sport with cigarette/tobacco Company placed cards. The earliest cards noted were in the late 19th century. From companies that are still now manufacturing, such as Goodwin Champions, Old Judge & Gypsy Queen although other countries have had their fair share of printing chess cards; (Germany, England, Ireland, etc.) however the United States has produced the least.   American trading cards have become iconic throughout the world for their nostalgic pastime attraction and sports stars heroism. Now World Chess Champions have been introduced to the same effect, sharing the esteem for chess players that have often been celebrated throughout our history.

FaceChess are original [real] cards, much like anything else that has been produced, never has a series/set been seen maintaining itself with its retro-style appearance, one can only begin to believe that chess cards should have always had their continued existence in the world of trading cards. Although small amount of single cards have been introduced periodically, never has it been with such a wide array and assortment of chess players all at once. In collecting we can further value our favorite player(s) for their ingenuity, artistic qualities, and expansive game fascination that we may have been influenced by or adopted in our own style of playing chess.

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