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January 11th, 2013

Dr Laura Ciel Live Radio Interview of Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk on the Dr Laura Ciel Radio ShowYesterday January 9 I was interviewed live on top rated Dr Laura Ciel Radio Show. You can listen to it here. The Dr Laura Ciel Show Is A Global Talk Show With The Intent To Inspire People Who Find Themselves In A Place Of Frustration, Sadness, Despair, Grief, Anger, Crisis Or Chaos To Create The Life They Want To Live. Through Your Questions, Information And Guest Interviews Listeners Will Be Inspired To Drop Their Excuses And Start Living The Life They Want Right Now Whether It Is In The Areas Of Personal Achievement, Relationships, Career+Money And/Or Health+Body. You can read about Dr. Laura’s Ciel show here.

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8 Responses to “Dr Laura Ciel Live Radio Interview of Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk”

  1. Mark says:

    How would you send me King emails? I’m the King could you be Queen? I need your assistance in winning now. I would give you everything. But, when I want support where is everyone?

  2. Amrit puri, knights chess club, new delhi says:

    superb show – i heard all your tips and insights about the value of consistent hard work little by little. great.

  3. alexis cochran, nz says:

    well done – i heard it via yesterday itself ;)

  4. anonymous says:


  5. Keith Larkins, Manchester says:

    Chess Queen your ideas are brilliant and your insight into life and how you have taken your chess career to great success the hard work all inspired me. Great interview.

  6. sanjay says:

    i have heard your interview on radio just now it was really inspiratinal for any sports person
    i dont believe in luck my opinon abt luck means Labour Under
    Correct Knowledge
    thanks alexandra for your great contribution in promoting chess through internet

  7. sanjay says:

    sanjay k

  8. Gerard, Paris says: