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July 25th, 2012

Chess Queen Kosteniuk featured in Vogue Magazine USA August 2012

Chess Queen Kosteniuk is featured in Vogue August  2012I’m pleased to let you know that I have been featured in fashion magazine VOGUE, USA Edition, in the August 2012 issue, which hits newsstands on July 24, 2012. That issue is called the “Vogue Age Issue“, and it puts six very different women, ages 28 to 89, in the spotlight. One of them is me, Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk and as you can imagine the main theme is what I love to do – play chess, show why it’s a cool game, and promote chess around the world! This story was in the works since February, when I was contacted by Vogue New York, then a most professional team came to Florida to work on the story, among them professional photographer Ralph Mecke, Reporter Rebecca Johnson, and sittings editor Kathryn Neale, whom I thank for a wonderful job! I hope this article will give a boost to chess in the USA, especially for kids and for girls, too!

Here is a photo published in Vogue, where you can see me with my 5-year old daughter Francesca. Photo by Ralph Mecke © Vogue 2012

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk and daughter Francesca in Vogue 8/2012

The write-up of the article is:

Game On | Alexandra Kosteniuk


Once the province of nerds in Coke-bottle glasses, chess has evolved into a glamorous, coolly cerebral sport played by boys and girls. “The potential for girls to play chess in America is huge,” former world chamption Alexandra Kosteniuk says, “but we need stars.” Between her many personal appearances at tournaments around the world, her website, her podcast Chess Is Cool, and her Twitter account (170,000-plus followers and counting), she is doing her best to be that star.

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Run get your copy at the news stands. The article (and the rest of the magazine) is worth a read. This is the cover of the August 2012 Vogue:

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