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December 2nd, 2011

Chess Queen Kosteniuk featured in Chess Life Dress Like a Grandmaster

Hello everyone!
Nice surprise to see I was featured in the brand new December 2011 Chess Life Magazine, in a feature article called “Dress Like a Grandmaster” (click on the title to read it). Do you think chess players should dress nicely when they play a public tournament, or do you think it does not matter how they are dressed?
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27 Responses to “Chess Queen Kosteniuk featured in Chess Life Dress Like a Grandmaster”

  1. Jiu Lin, Beijing says:

    wow great stuff. OF COURSE you set the bar very high with your nice dress sense. Welcome to China soon.

  2. keith schmidt, berlin says:

    Hello Chess Queen, greetings from Vienna, It is very important that chess players dress properly because it gives a sense of discipline and makes everyone take the sport of chess seriously. I have always admired you for bringing a nice presence and being careful about how you dress. It is a public statement about the sport of chess really. Best Wishes, Keith Schmidt, berlin, Germany

  3. saira fernandes, madrid says:

    i think hundred per cent of people would say dressing properly just shows how focused about whatever you do – be shabby and isn’t that’s how you approach your profession? chess player or anyone, at least when you go out you should be dressed properly. you might not be good looking but the question is how you present yourself.

  4. alexis cochran, nz says:

    dressing well gives you a psychological edge to begin with

  5. alexis cochran, nz says:

    on second thought – i think if i were playing a two-penny tournament i could kill off my opponents by landing up stinking at the board they would resign quickly but if i were a gm guess i would hv my reputation to defend also – just sayin.

  6. sainath, colombo says:

    I think it is very important to dress nicely. You feel fresh and happy yourself when you dress nicely and you can play good chess when you feel happy about yourself. As simple as that.

  7. amrit puri, knights chess club, new delhi says:

    Hello Chess Queen, You have raised a very pertinent question. In the East the debate over emphasis on looks or presentation is viewed as focus on materialism. However, the young generation understands the importance of presentation. I personally feel chess players SHOULD dress nicely. It gives a picture of how serious one is about oneself, one’s impressions and one’s profession. Chess players should dress very nicely. It is a statement of personality. Best wishes.

  8. aron, wurzburg says:

    It is very important to dress nicely when you play a public tournament because you are representing not just yourself but your city and your country.

  9. brenda kroll, berlin says:

    First my congratulations Chess Queen for dressing so well and making a style statement. I admire you for expressing your personality and feminity the way you do PLUS being so intelligent. What you have asked as a questions reminds me that it is VERY IMPORTANT that chess players dress well for public tournaments. I have two kids and I want them growing up believing that chess is for smart people and it makes them nice people. It is sometimes very disturbing when my sons have to play someone really shabbily dressed. it makes them question the whole chess and good habits of life thing. As individuals when chess players go out they must understand that there are lot of kids playing. As parents we want them to take up good values and habits in life.

  10. Albert Matthew Smith, Fiji Islands says:

    I take strong objection to this question. 1.We live in a democratic world. We have had enough labels already. Now to create a new bias/apartheid/discrimination by saying who is nicely dressed or not is not correct do we define nicely dressed – the concept varies for everyone 3.some people look stylish while others don’t in the same clothes – i am not saying attention should not be paid to dressing properly but then attention should not be paid to not dressing properly. each to his own. 4. Dress sense varies from country to country and continent to continent. We cannot define what is good dressing. thank you.
    I would also like to make another topic as I am first here on this very impressive chess site by ms madonna the very intelligent and very charming Ms Chess Queen. I like much all your chess ideas, material and topics. I appreciate you give free platform for views to fans and chess public. We play new chess here since only some months. Thank You.

  11. G’Day Chess Queen! Awesomeness to them doing this about you.

    Bobby Fischer changed his attire with his game. He took great pride in his custom tailored suits. In his youth not so. World class players play on the world stage and should represent style on and off of the board.

    Cheers & Blessings, JC @ WIPMG

  12. sebastian wolff, ny says:

    attire is very important though maybe does not require extra emphasis. if you’re presentable, neat, it is good enough.

  13. j.l., vienna says:

    men chess players should dress nicely all the time but women chess players should be forbidden to dress nicely in open tournaments. they distract me from chess. How do you expect men to play good chess sitting a few inches away from someone as exotic as chess queen alexandra kosteniuk? if her beauty doesnt beat you, her chess will. damn. (just joking – i am a great fan of yours. you are inspirational) But I think I have a point.

  14. I love the photos chosen for the article. Chess Queen – I must congratulate you. You brought a je ne sais quoi to the whole chess thing. for long there was this geek/nerd/freak image of chess players. now there is a lot of awareness but you started the revolution – the stylish/sensible thing that now makes one proud of being a chess player – we are special not outcasts. so my answer to the question is YES chess players should dress nicely. Love you Bless You.

  15. Olga, Moscow says:

    If we want more sponsors and if we want to make chess come forth as a sport for everyone – considering we cannot be too much of a public sport like football – chess players should walk the extra mile to dress nicely. I admire your dress sense, your chess and you dear chess queen. thanks for being a trendsetter in chess and in style.

  16. dressing nicely is important. chess is a public presentation and event. you cannot come to a tournament like it’s your home or anything. chess is a sport, a public statement and profession in its own right. every chess player has the DUTY to dress properly.

  17. yes why not dress properly – is shows kind of your mental state – who you are – shabbily dressed player would reflect the turmoil in his game in his life in his mind – organised people dress well – DRESS WELL LIKE CHESS QUEEN

  18. The idea of a dress code is real cool in europe for official events. Let’s give chess a royale, suave, glam outlook as much as cricket or golf. We love our sports heroes. You surely lead the way Chess Queen.

  19. My dress code for chess tournaments – Men like James Bond and women in mini skirts like Bond girls.

    By the way, Chess Queen – YOU ARE ALWAYS AWESOME to dress so well. Gives chess such appeal. I feel proud to be a chess player when I see your photos from a tournament. I remember the recent one where at the European Team Championship which you won for Russia you had the Russian flag on your nailpaint. Cute, cool and what a statement of pride in your country and in your sport. You rock.

  20. Nabin Pokharel, Kathmandu, Nepal says:

    Good dressing sense = good chess

  21. Shanghai says:

    着装不 (dress does not matter)

  22. Tamarind Tree, Athens says:

    of course dressing nicely is important. if you were a doctor would you dress shabbily and go to office. at least even if you cannot dress properly for the rounds like because of oversleeping or having a fight with your wife you should dress really nicely for the prize distribution ceremony – i would like to name some men carlsen and kramnik i really admire

  23. MJK, Sao Paulo says:

    My only question – if you look in the mirror do you want to see a nicely dress YOU or a badly dressed YOU? My congratulations to Chess Queen for being so meticulous about her presentation. It shows you are meticulous about your work and serious about all things in life. You have set the bar very high Ms Chess Queen.

  24. Ron St. Pierre says:

    Alexandra, you always look stunning and, of course, women and men playing chess in public should be well dressed.

  25. Alberto says:

    Alexandra, as a big fan I’ve seen many photos of you. One time I was very surprised of running into some photos of you in a Tournament in which you were dress very casual and with little or not any make up at all. Of course you still looked prettier than the rest but, why not present yourself in a way that would be unparalleled to anybody present? I mean if you have the class the looks and the talent then I think you should use everything you have to stand out and shine like a star that you are. I want to clarify that you always look like if you were coming out of top model magazine!

    On the same note chess tournaments should be glamorous and prestigious, specially at GM or top of the world level. I dislike those GM’s that present themselves with long hair, unshaved with a T-shirt. take a look at this link and you’ll see GM J. Polgar and V Ivanchuk poorly dress for the event.


  26. swakilki says:

    Am late around here with the discussion but thumbs up to comments by Anastasia, Sophie Jane Solomon and Alberto

  27. rufas says:

    dressing well is important but it can be humiliating if on a challenging game and you lose, it should rhyme with your performance.