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August 17th, 2012

Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk’s Blog CHESSBLOG.COM wins CJA Best Blog Award

Chess Blog wins CJA Award for best blog of 2012I’m pleased to report that my “General” Chess Blog has just won the CJA Award for ‘Best Chess Blog’ of 2012! Here is the Chess Journalists’ of America awards announcement link. The CJA is the leading American organization of chess journalists created to promote high quality chess journalism, to provide assistance to the working journalist through articles and contacts and to recognize chess journalism at its best through an annual awards program. You can read here which were the winning entries of my blog. The main characteristic of my blog is that it is always positive and tries to show the love of chess in every post. Note that I have 3 main sites, my personal blog, my general blog and my shop & software blog . A full summary of all my RSS feeds can be found on

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10 Responses to “Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk’s Blog CHESSBLOG.COM wins CJA Best Blog Award”

  1. alexis cochran, nz says:


  2. Sebastian Wolff, Washington says:

    Already congratulated you Chess Queen. But I must add, you have singlehandedly done more for chess than any other champion and your web presence with all these social media is just the right way to reach out to the youth. Futuristic ideas from a very talented Grandmaster and World Champion. Proud to be your fan.

  3. anonymous says:

    super news chess queen

  4. Sherie Lorenzo, France says:

    love ya keep up the great chess

  5. amberas says:

    nice news

  6. Ron St. Pierre says:

    That is great Alexandra. Your site totally deserves it. I have always enjoyed your web presence.

  7. Terrence, Colorado says:

    YOU ARE THE BEST CHESS QUEEN – You have the best and max Internet presence – You are the Chess Queen for our generation. It is so thrilling to have a Grandmaster and World Chess Champion present chess news and give free chess teachings, analysis, and tips. Thanks

  8. Ghazala Naseem, Islamabad says:

    Congratulations Chess Queen. I just read the post you have received the award for. Indeed your work for peace and for girls and women is inspiring. You are an icon to follow and admire I wish you lots of success.

  9. sandra, rome says:

    my congratulation to the chess queen to the social media queen and the most amazing sports personality i know

  10. Congratulations Chess Queen – All your chess social media is impressive, creative, inspiring. A great way to tell the youth that chess is THE thing! You are the most consistent, creative sports celeb blogger on the planet for sure. Best wishes always. Thanks for bringing that je ne sais quoi to chess ;)