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February 23rd, 2013

Chess Memorial Razuvaev Announced in Washington, DC on August 6-12, 2013

Chess Queen Kosteniuk will play the Chess Memorial Razuvaev in Washington, DCI have confirmed my participation in this year’s Memorial Razuvaev, which will take place on August 6-12, in Washington, DC. The tournament has been announced by the Maryland Chess Association, by ChessBlog and ChessDom. A team of women (GM Alexandra Kosteniuk, WGM Anna Zatonskih, WGM Irina Krush, WGM Elena Sedina) will battle a team of seniors (GM Adrian Mikhalchishin, GM Boris Gulko, GM Vladimir Tukmakov, GM Lev Alburt). You will recall that GM Yuri Razuvaev was my coach, who passed away a little over a year ago. He helped me become women’s world chess champion in 2008. More information can be found below.

Razuvaev Memorial Tournament

Event details are as follows:

Dates: August 6th to August 12th   2013.

Site: Rockville Hilton, 1750 Rockville Pike, MD 20852, USA

Invitational Crown section- “Razuvaev Memorial Chess Tournament”:
1 round 2 teams sheveningen system. Time control: 40/90, SD/30, incr/30. $25,000 Guaranteed prize fund; individual prices in each of two teams: – $4,000-$3,000-$2,000-$1,000; Team prices-$4,000-$1,000.
Friends and Colleagues of GM Jury Razuvaev will honor his memory. Participants include:
Team “Beauty of chess saving the world”:

GM Alexandra Kosteniuk (Russia);
WGM Anna Zatonskih (USA);
WGM Irina Krush (USA;
WGM Elena Sedina (Italy);
captain-Michael Khodarkovsky (USA),

and Team “Admirers of chess beauty”:
GM Lev Alburt (USA);
GM Adrian Mihalcisin (Slovenia);
GM Vladimir Tukmakov (Ukraine),
GM Boris Gulko (USA);
captain – GM Sam Palatnik (USA).

Washington International – Open section: $17,000 Guaranteed prize fund, GPP- 150, 9 rounds Swiss system. Prizes: $5,000-$3,000-$2,000-$1,000-$900-$800-$700-$600-$500-$500, U2500 $700-$300, U2300 $700-300. Possibility of GM and IM norms, 40/90, SD/30 +30i.

Washington International – B section: Under 2201 USCF and Under 2200 FIDE, FIDE rated) $4,000 in Guaranteed Prizes: $1,500-$700-$400; 1st under 2000-$600; 2nd under 2000-$300; 1st under 1800-$500
Crown section Schedule:
08/06 – Arrival day Crown Section;
08/07 – Reception for Crown section at 6:00 pm; Special presentation of the new book- “Yuri Razuvaev” by GM Sosonko and GM Gulko , stamps presentation. 08/08 – 1st round at 2:00 pm.
08/09 – 2nd round at 2:00 pm; Washington International Blitz tournament at 8:00 pm
08/10 – 3rd round at 2:00 pm; Washington International Rapid.
08/11 – 4th round at 10:00 am; Dinner & closing ceremonies at 6:00 pm/ Hilton
08/12 – Departure day

More info and how to register

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6 Responses to “Chess Memorial Razuvaev Announced in Washington, DC on August 6-12, 2013”

  1. Dan says:

    Sounds exciting, will definitely watch! But shouldn’t the IM title be used for Sedina, Zatonskih and Krush?