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September 22nd, 2012

Alexandra Kosteniuk’s YouTube Channel “ChessQueen” Passes a Million Views

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk has a million views on YouTubeI’m glad to report that my YouTube channel “ChessQueen” passed a million views yesterday.

Thanks for watching my videos, for giving “thumbs up” if you like them, for writing nice comments both to the videos and to my channel, I sincerely appreciate it.

I will do my best to post many new chess videos, I actually have several in the pipeline so subscribe to my YouTube Channel and you will be notified of new videos.

Below are some highlights of my channel:

The most-recent video (direct link) I posted last night, of a 3-minute blitz without increment against IM Yge Visser from the Chess-Darts World Championship in Amsterdam 2005:

My slowest “Slow-Motion” chess video, against Wang Hao in Biel this summer (8,000+ views):

The video where you can see me beat the classical world champion Vishy Anand (49,000+ views):

The video that shows how I became the 12th women’s world chess champion (90,000+ views):

The video that shows how I became Chess960 (Ficher Random Chess) world champion (8,000+ views):

The video of how I promoted chess in Colombia (South America), invited by Tarrito Rojo (7,000+ views):

The video with most views (170,000+) when I beat world’s rated #1 Magnus Carlsen:

The video with a very nice ending where I beat Judit Polgar at the world blitz chess championship (42,000+ views):

The video of the chess match with Deysi Cori played at the Machu Picchu (9,000+ views):

The video where I outplayed top world player Levon Aronian (15,000+ views):

The video where I checkmated top GM Alexander Grischuk and surprised him greatly (15,000+ views):

And many more on my YouTube channel “ChessQueen”. Please subscribe, write comments to my videos, and give me “thumbs up” if you like my videos and want me to post more!

Best wishes,

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12th women’s world chess champion
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16 Responses to “Alexandra Kosteniuk’s YouTube Channel “ChessQueen” Passes a Million Views”

  1. alexis cochran, nz says:

    what a fantastic collection Chess Queen!

  2. chris, ny says:

    oh boy! I have a question for you Alexandra. I am just a regular fan and of course a great fan of yours and not all that into chess but why do I end up watching your videos again and again and again and they always make me happy?

  3. Jason Bourne, Los Angeles says:

    wow great videos and this visser one – what’s up with him – clowning around he thought he could distract Chess Queen and win or what. SMASHING Win with being so focused. Congrats Alexandra

  4. J.L. Vienna says:

    wishing you many more such milestones. Greetings and Blessings to the Chess Queen!

  5. sandra, rome says:

    proud to be your fan World Champion Chess Queen

  6. KosteniukFAN says:

    go champion go by the way your chess videos are a great contribution to the chess community worldwide. so much effort into preparing each video. you are a true Chess Queen the true Chess Queen. Blessings.

  7. Sana, Dubai says:

    Congratulations to Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk :)

  8. Sebastian Wolff, Washington says:

    great milestone GM Kosteniuk your videos are a treasure for all chess players and chess students – fun learning and plain joy – all the best for all your chess work

  9. Keith Larkins, Manchester says:

    super job

  10. Gary Mitchel, Chicago says:

    miles to go Chess Queen dont press the breaks. Wow million views and counting!

  11. andre, barcelona says:

    wow no one else in the entire chess world has so many video views YOU Chess Queen are NO. 1 in everything. Salud!

  12. zainab undulusi says:

    what a fantastic chess database you have built Chess Queen of course many more million views are to follow!

  13. anonymous says:

    been going through your chess video library. no words to say. what an inspiration. you should get an award for so much chess material for free out there and stunning at that. I am so inspired by you Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk. I am reading all about you. You are a chess jewel.

  14. anonymous says:

    wishing you a faster next million :)

  15. anonymous says:

    you play some real nutcases – the first video is crazy viva la reina del ajedrez!

  16. Justin Carmen, New Jersey says:

    what’s youtube without chess queen