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January 24th, 2005

Winners of the Christmas Competition 04Finally we are announcing the winners of the Christmas Competition Puzzle Solving Contest. The “Mate in 2” Puzzle from the most recent Newsletter Number 3 is solved by playing 1.Qh8! and whatever Black plays White will mate next move. For example: 1…Rxh8 2.Be5# or 1…Rh2+ 2.Qxh2#. From the hundreds of correct answers we have selected 5 winners, who will get an autographed present from Alexandra: 1.Kieran O’Donnell (Ireland), Bas Schokker (Holland), Giovanni Fagian (Italy), Miguel Narva Mallqui (Peru), Riley Driver (USA). Congratulations! So we are awaiting the mailing addresses of the winners and as soon as we get them we will send the gifts out! We will soon post another puzzle for you to solve, so keep posted!

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