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December 1st, 2007

Chess Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk comments her blitz win against Zoltan Almasi of the World Blitz Championship

We have a gift for you: Alexandra Kosteniuk comments in great detail and in video format her blitz game against GM Zoltan Almasi (ELO 2691) at the Moscow World Chess Blitz Championships Qualifyers of last week. The game demonstrates important ideas in the Berlin Wall Defense of the Ruy Lopez. Watch Alexandra show you each move, in a 11-minute video file (approx. 76 MB, please be patient while it loads, it’s worth it), either in Flash or in Quicktime. If you’d like to analyze the game further, you can download the pgn file. Please send Alexandra comments if you like these videos and would like more of them, or if you have any problems watching them.

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