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August 19th, 2006

Watch the games of Chess960 2006 World Champion Alexandra KosteniukWe have it for you, you can watch Alexandra’s Chess960 games in a flash applet. Click on the following links for the games of each one of the 8 rounds of the 2006 World Championship, where Alexandra Kosteniuk beat Elisabeth Paehtz 5.5 to 2.5: Round 1 , Round 2 , Round 3 , Round 4 , Round 5 , Round 6 , Round 7 , Round 8 . For each round you also have the games of the juniors (Naiditsch and Harikrishna) and seniors (Hort and Portisch) world championships. You’ll see that the fun starts immediately on move 1, and totally unexpected positions occur very fast. Try it out, Chess960 is great! And remember that classical chess is only position 518 in Chess960!

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