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August 15th, 2006

Short rules of Chess960, invented by Bobby FischerIn Chess960 (Also known as Fischer Random Chess), the starting position is determined randomly just before each game. The pawns stand as usual on the second row, but the pieces are shuffled. White and black pieces are symmetrically placed. There are two rules: 1. Each player should have one white-squared bishop and one black-squared bishop, 2. The king should be between the two rooks. Castling is possible, and after castling the king and rook are on the same squares as normal chess (King g1, Rook f1 or King c1, Rook d1). Classical chess in Chess960 is known as “Position 518”. In Chess960 there is no need to memorize opening variations, creative play starts from move 1 on, it’s great, try it!

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