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May 26th, 2005

Alexandra Kosteniuk is Russian Chess Champion 2005ALEXANDRA KOSTENIUK IS RUSSIAN CHESS CHAMPION 2005! Instead of a quick draw which would have guaranteed her first place, Alexandra went all out and won her last game against Kochetkova, which gave her clear first place with the incredible result of 9 points out of 11 in the strongest Russian Championship todate, and an amazing performance of 2691 ELO, which will earn Alexandra more than 18 ELO points on the next rating list! Results: 1. Alexandra Kosteniuk 9 out of 11 2. T.Kosintseva 8 3. Kovalevskaya 7.5 4. N.Kosintseva 6.5 5. Galliamova 6 6-7. Pogonina and Matveeva 5.5 points, etc. You can look at all of Alexandra’s games in an applet by clicking here, or in our PGN Player here.

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