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March 3rd, 2005

Alexandra is world champion ChessdartsFor a limited time only while bandwidth permits! We have taped a full video of all 5 3-minute games Alexandra played at the Chessdarts World Championship in Amsterdam on February 28. As a gift to you now we offer free the key last game of this event, in which Alexandra Kosteniuk beat Tea Lanchava to take the world title with her partner Andy Fordham. You can watch the 7MB Quicktime format movie by clicking here. We will soon be offering a unique BLITZ FEVER CD with 8 (5 min.) blitz games from Iakimanka and 5 more (3-min.) blitz games from the Chessdarts event (in higher resolution). Keep posted! Please be patient while the 7MB .mov file loads. You can watch the game in an applet by clicking here, or even download the pgn file.

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