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March 2nd, 2005

Alexandra is world champion ChessdartsAlexandra is WORLD CHAMPION Chessdarts!! Today February 28, 2005 Alexandra and her partner darts champion Andy Fordham became 2005 Chessdarts World Champions in the first ever World Championship, organized by the company in Amsterdam. It’s the first time in our knowledge chess and darts competition has been combined and it was most fun! The event took place in the Krasnopolsky Hotel, in the same room, where Euwe beat Alekhin in 1935. Alexandra made a no-fault appearance, with 5/5, first 2/2 against IM Yge Visser (ELO 2451) and then 3/3 against WGM/IM Tea Lanchava (ELO 2366). Her points were added to the points of her team-mate Andy Fordham (world darts champion 2004) and the team won the Cup! We have a superb 73-photo album for you, so click here to see it! And soon you’ll be able to see too the entirety of the 5 3-minute blitz games, in video. AD article. Read a report here.

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