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June 17th, 2010

Trivia – Where am I exactly

Hi everyone!

I’m still in St. Petersburg, today was the last day of the Youth Economic Forum, and after my talk (see photo a little below), my sister Oxana and I went for a walk in town. There are so many beautiful monuments in St. Petersburg, that I’d like to present one to you as a trivia contest, can you guess where exactly the photo was taken and what’s the name of that monument?

You can see me below at a different place, in front of  the St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Note that St. Petersburg is named “the Venice of the North” for its large number of bridges. Also, it’s so far north (as far north as Anchorage, Alaska!) that at the end of June it’s light outside all night, that’s so beautiful, especially when you go and see the bridges go up at night to let the boats go by.

Another photo I’d like to share with you is from my serious presentation today, I’m on the right, and yes, you recognized him, to the left is Arkady Dvorkovich, Russian Deputy Economy Minister, and aid to the President of Russia. You can read a recent post he wrote about “Modernizing Russia Through Innovation“. The other people on the podium, from left to right, after Dvorkovich, are Yermolay Solzhenitsyn, then Yuri Kotler and Viktor Vekselberg.

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12 Responses to “Trivia – Where am I exactly”

  1. Robert Noland says:

    Alexandra: I love it when you play this guess-where-I’m-at- game. I was at work and was late getting here with an answer. But I absolutely love playing Google detective and trying to figure out where you’re at with a few clues from you. I even learned a little about the scientist in question during the process of searching. 😉