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December 15th, 2011

Muzychuk A.

Hello everyone!

This is my blindfold game A. Muzychuk – Kosteniuk played on December 15, 2011 at the SportAccord Mind Sports Games in Beijing, China.

The numerical evaluations were created by Houdini 2 Pro from the software Chess King automatically and we added some comments. The “Easy Export to Blog” feature was used to create the dynamic diagram below.


Muzychuk,A – Kosteniuk,A

Result: 0-1
Site: 0:02:37-0:06:40
Date: 2011.12.15

[…] 1.f4 d5 2.¤f3 c5 3.g3 ¤c6 4.¥g2 g6 5.O-O ¥g7 6.d3 ¤f6 7.£e1 d4 8.a4 O-O 9.¤a3 ¥e6 10.¥d2 £d7 -0.2711.¤g5 -0.27 N

(11.¤c4 ¥h3 12.¤fe5 ¤xe5 13.¤xe5 £c8 14.¥xh3 £xh3 15.e4 dxe3 …0-1, Weisenburger Horst 2151 – Kelleher William 2300 , Opatija 11/18/2011 Ch World (seniors))

11…¥f5 -0.1312.¤c4 -0.1312…¤d5 -0.1313.c3 -0.2013…¦ad8 -0.1614.h3 -0.37

(14.a5 -0.15 14…£c7 -0.15 15.¦c1 -0.22 15…¥c8 -0.07 16.¤f3 -0.15)

14…h6 -0.3715.¤e4 -0.3715…¥xh3! -0.3716.¤xc5 -0.3716…£c8 -0.3417.¥xh3 -0.4917…£xh3 -0.4818.¤xb7? -2.70

(18.¤e4 would have been better -0.48 18…b6 -0.48)

18…¦b8 -2.7019.¤c5 -3.2719…¦xb2!! -3.44* A brilliant move played in a blindfold game

20.cxd4 -9.47 (20.¤xb2 dxc3 wins) 20…¦xd2! Eliminating the useful dark squared white Bishop -8.60

21.£xd2 -15.0721…£xg3+ -16.5022.¢h1 -17.2122…£h3+ -16.5023.¢g1 -17.2123…¥xd4+ -15.0024.e3 -16.27* 24…¤xe3 White resigns, 0-1