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October 5th, 2016

Kosteniuk is 2016 Rapid Chess Champion

At the beginning of October 2016 the Russian Chess Rapid Championship was help in Sochi, Russia. It was won by GM Alexandra Kosteniuk with 8/10 ahead of Aleksandra Goryachkina with also 8/10 but a lower tie-break, and third Natalija Pogonina with 7.5 points. The full results are here and a report (in Russian) about the tournament is here.

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August 31st, 2015

Rublevsky and Kosteniuk win Irkutsk Grand Prix Rapid

On August 24 the Irkutsk Grand Prix Rapid crowned their winners, GM Rublevsky for the men and GM Kosteniuk for the women. Lots of very strong Russian Grandmasters were playing. In the men’s at the top were 1. Rublevsky, 2. Artemiev, 3. Bocharov, and for the women 1. Alexandra Kosteniuk, 2. Girya, 3. Lahno, 4. Ubyennyx and 5. Gunina. Link to the organizer’s page.
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