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July 27th, 2012

Russian Ministry of Sports Honors Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk with highest Title

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk gets Honor by Russian Ministry of SportsPress Release: On July 20, 2012 the Russian Minister of Sports V. Mutko signed the decree [translation] to name 12th World Chess Champion Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk “Well-Deserved Sports Master of Russia” (in Russian “Заслуженный мастер спорта”), which is the highest title awarded by the State in honor of sporting achievement. The news came out on the site of the Russian Chess Federation [translation], on the Izmailovo Center page, and congratulations are flowing on Alexandra’s Russian Twitter page @kosteniuk.

The title can be awarded for the following achievements:

- 1st-3rd places at the Olympic, or Paralympic Games in individual or team competitions;
- 1st place at the World Championship, World Cup, European Championship or European Cup;
- As an exception — “for an outstanding contribution in promotion of Russian Federation and Russian sport at the international level, for displaying exceptional courage and mastery.”

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk is honored Sports Master of Russia

Very few people in the Russian sporting world have ever received this honor. The title was created [translation] in 1934 in the Soviet Union as the highest honorific title for sports, much more difficult to achieve than even “Grandmaster”, which is the highest FIDE title given to top chess players. See the list of 22 sports people who got the award in 1934 (only one chessplayer: Romanovsky).

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42 Responses to “Russian Ministry of Sports Honors Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk with highest Title”

  1. Sebastian Wolff, Washington says:

    Congratulatins Chess Queen You Richly deserve the honor

  2. Ali, Dubai says:

    How fantastic. Congratulations Chess Queen!

  3. Srinivasan, Colombo says:

    Congratulations Alexandra Kosteniuk. You have done a lot for chess and to spread its image in a beautiful way across the world. Really only second chess player to receive the award! That is very amazing. Congratulations again.

  4. anonymous says:

    Поздравляю Поздравляю Поздравляю

  5. alexis cochran, nz says:

    whoa only second chess player to get highest russian award my hearties congratulations chess queen. i also congratulate you for all your hard work you have put in to play so great and spread the message of chess. best wishes always.

  6. Sana, Dubai says:

    Stars shining bright above you
    Night breezes seem to whisper “I love you”
    Birds singing in the sycamore trees
    Dream a little dream of me


  7. Terrence, Colorado says:

    Заслуженный мастер спорта – Wow Congrats

  8. Jiu Lin, Beijing says:

    That is a very well deserved honor. But I think it’s not just Russia but if we had such an honor for the planet you would get it. Great. Congrats.

  9. andre, barcelona says:

    Hey Chess Queen you got the award on 20th and you are telling us a full week later!!! Just kidding. Have fun. Go great girl. Congratulations. It is always very happy to see you go great. Loves.

  10. anonymous says:


  11. anonymous says:

    Absolutely fantastic. Congratulations!

  12. Stefanie, Paris says:

    Coming from the Russian Ministry of Sports it speaks volumes. Chess Queen you truly deserve this high honour. Congratulations GrandMaster Chess Queen! We all love your sensitivity for humanity, your love for your profession, behavior and your daily interaction that is very inspiring not just in chess. Congrats.

  13. Martin Jacobs Hallman, Washington says:

    the heart of the matter is i love you Chess Queen Will You Marry me Now? Please!

  14. Grace Bentley, London says:

    My heartiest congratulations Chess Queen Alexandra. It is a very high honour and we all feel very happy for you. I wish you great success ahead as well. You have the potential to paint a global canvas.

    (for Mr Martin – the heart of the matter is Chess Queen is already married).

  15. Jason Bourne, Los Angeles says:

    I would like to congratulate the Russian Ministry for their excellent choice! ;)

  16. Hasan Qadir, Muscat says:

    Mubarak Mubarak Congratulations Ms Kosteniuk Grandmaster

  17. ASHLEY says:

    Fantastico Congrats

  18. J.L. Vienna says:

    Wow congratulations Alexandra that really tops your already illustrious list of achievements – Blessings

  19. Pierre C. Paris says:

    I had barely found time to write a congratulatory message for your viral video checkmate of Wang Hao and already this. Hats off to you Alexandra. :) Congrats.

  20. Our team joins in congratulating you Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk. It is a great honour and we wish you great success ahead.

  21. Cynthia Burgess, Liverpool says:

    Woohooo CHESS QUEEN IS THE STAR – Bow to the Queen! Truly you are the best all you do to promote chess, to do your bit for peace and joy in society, to spread happiness and good cheer!

  22. anonymous says:

    Masterly Stroke. Congrats Alexandra

  23. Amrit Puri, Knights Chess Club, New Delhi says:

    Congratulations Chess Queen. That is a very special honour and YOU RICHLY DESERVE IT. You have truly shown what it means to take up social responsibility as a successful sportsperson and most importantly as a world chess champion. I wish you all the best in all the very many ways you inspire everyone.

  24. A.S. Paris says:

    You do everyone proud not just Russia. God bless and Congratulations.

  25. BLUEBELLS, TEXAS says:

    Terrific news.


  26. Carlylye Mcfarland, Biel says:

    This is the best news all week Chess Queen even better than you beating Wang Hao. Congratulations on this supreme honor your family and your country is very proud of you.

  27. Sumona, Uganda says:

    Heartiest congratulations and greetings

  28. Martha Aver, Berlin says:

    Congratulations Chess Queen the one and only

  29. Tara Smith, Zurich says:

    Many many congratulations to the most beautiful Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk – Beauty Brains and Humane Person – Very very rare combination Congratulations.

  30. Srinivasan, Colombo says:

    Congratulations Chess Queen that becomes your coolest award!

  31. Olga Romanova, Moscow says:

    It is a great honour for us our country and our dearest Alexandra Kosteniuk.

  32. Club Chess, St Petersburg says:

    Congratulations Chess Queen

  33. MP, Paris says:

    To the world’s best CONGRATULATIONS

  34. Sherie Lorenzo, France says:

    It is such joyful news Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk. You have well deserved this award by your consistency in playing at the world level and more than that changing the projection of the sport before the world singlehandedly. You have given new vision that has been followed by others. I wish you many congratulations greetings and best wishes.

  35. anonymous says:

    Absolutely delightful for my dearest Chess Queen. Congratulations. When’s the party?

  36. MJ K St Petersburg says:

    Great news. Congratulations Best Chess Queen.

  37. Brody says:

    Congratulations! That is such a huge honor. Keep up the amazing work.

  38. Muy bueno tu programa de estudio de ajedrez.-

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  40. ARCANVS3 says:

    Dear Chess-Queen!
    Very nice badge!
    (I hope, that I’m no longer out of Yours fovour!)
    Of-course You know, that in german the english bishop – I don’t know, whether he is anglican or not – is literally called ‘runner’.

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