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August 10th, 2012

Peace and Sport Congratulates Champion for Peace Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk honored by Joel Bouzou Peace and SportsI got a very nice letter today from the President of the not-for-profit organization Peace and Sport, for which I have been a “Champion for Peace” for a couple years now (see the official 2010 Press Release). I helped to inaugurate a chess program in a poor area of Colombia Puerto Tejada, and I have been the godmother of the program “Chess for Creativity and Leadership” to empower Palestinian women thanks to chess. I hope to be able to help promote Peace in the world more in the coming months with Peace and Sport. In the meanwhile, I am planning on going soon to the Peace and Sport 2012 International Forum in Sochi at the end of October/beginning November and I will be a speaker there.

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk is Champion for Peace

Posted by Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk
12th women’s world chess champion

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7 Responses to “Peace and Sport Congratulates Champion for Peace Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk”

  1. Claire, Martha's Vineyard, US says:

    congratulations alexandra – you are so wonderful for chess

  2. Chiumbo, Kenya says:

    yo man you do get around Ms Chess Queen. Just bein yur fan keeps me on mine feet!

  3. Sebastian Wolff, Washington says:

    That’s very nice Chess Queen keep up your good efforts. If people like you who are in a position to make difference and understand their responsibility we have a better world for sure.

  4. andre, barcelona says:

    good going chess queen keep up the good work


    You ar so inspiring Chess Queen Alexandra and a lot of fun I just visit your blog and site every day

  6. Jason Bourne, Los Angeles says:

    nice letter. you richly deserve all the accolades chess queen

  7. alexis cochran, nz says:

    Actually chess is more for peace than any sport. I love all you do Chess Queen for chess. Congratulations and more energies to you!