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February 6th, 2013

New YouTube Chess Video: Kosteniuk – Hou Yifan, SportAccord Mind Sport Games 2012

Kosteniuk beats Hou YifamI just uploaded a new chess video to my YouTube Channel “ChessQueen“. It’s my game against 13th women’s world chess champion Hou Yifan, played last month at the Sport Accord Mind Sports Games in Beijing. The game is a complicated Sicilian Defence, Scheveningen variation, where I go all out for an attack on the black king. I won the game in 26 moves. If you like it, please click the “Thumbs Up” button in YouTube, the “Share” button on Facebook, and Retweet on Twitter! Let me know in the comments if you like the video and if you’d like me to make more chess videos, and if yes, what kinds of chess videos. In the video I use the software “Chess King“. Enjoy!

Posted by Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk
12th women’s world chess champion

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10 Responses to “New YouTube Chess Video: Kosteniuk – Hou Yifan, SportAccord Mind Sport Games 2012”

  1. alexis cochran, nz says:

    wow super job Chess Queen – okay now I am not faking but will you believe that this was just the game I was searching for this last weekend!!! It’s serendipity that you should post it today. You rock Chess Queen.

  2. Justin Carmen, New Jersey says:

    woohoo watched that game live – blew my nerves!

  3. Dennis says:

    Great game Great video ! fantastic win well done x

    same here always watch your games live on playchess :)

  4. wingamey says:

    i thought black had defended until the final white move b-e2, was just super! thanks for the game lesson

  5. Karl says:

    You simply the Chess Queen !The best!!!

  6. Amrit puri, knights chess club, new delhi says:

    You know Chess Queen Alexandra I have stopped thinking about which of your games is my favourite because I am thrilled by every single one of them – I am not trying to figure out which is my favourite move in each of your games. You are awesome.

  7. anonymous says:

    ok so where do you get that lovely accent and lethal chess from?

  8. Gerard, Paris says:

    good job Chess Queen – your chess is both entertaining and instructive – just wondered you must be the GM with the lowest percentage of draws in the world. Never seen you play without fighting to the end. THAT IS WHY I LOVE YOU ;)

  9. Paul says:

    Excellent analysis! I can’t get enough of your insight.

  10. Jason Bourne says:

    Historic game