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June 17th, 2011

Kosteniuk’s ChessQueen Twitter gets 150K Followers

Hello everybody!

Today I reached 150,000 Twitter followers on my English @chessqueen account! I started working with that account in 2009 and am in my third year of tweeting, I’m totally hooked! I’ve started to tweet also in Russian and my separate @kosteniuk account has recently passed 2000 followers and is gaining momentum. Note that I often post on the Russian account photos that I don’t post on the English account, so feel free to follow both accounts. Twitter is amazing, it’s the fastest way to get news or to share news, if you’re not familiar with Twitter, give it a try!

In Facebook, I have a fan page and a friends page, but the friend’s page has had a waiting list of several thousand people for the last 3 years (due to the limit of 5,000 friends imposed by Facebook), so you have better chances joining my fan page. Both are in English and are very similar. I also have a LinkedIn account and I welcome new connections with people who have lots in common with me! You most likely know my 3 YouTube channels “chessqueen“, “chesskillertips” and “chessqueentv“.

I am thankful to chess, since it allows me to meet  new friends, followers, fans, connections, and subscribers! Best wishes to you and remember… Chess is Cool!

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12th women’s world chess champion


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