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December 17th, 2011

Kosteniuk Interview at the Sport Accord Mind Sports Games

Watch the 2 minutes interview of Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk at the 2011 Sport Accord Mind Sport Games. Alexandra was both the ambassador of this prestigious event and a winner of a Gold medal (in the women’s Rapid event) and a bronze medal (in the women’s Blindfold event).

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9 Responses to “Kosteniuk Interview at the Sport Accord Mind Sports Games”

  1. Jiu Lin, China says:

    super chess queen, super ambassador, super mindsport games thanks for your beijing visit dear chess queen

  2. tamarind tree says:

    Well well ms chess queen quite an orator very well spoken

  3. alexis cochran, nz says:

    As good a speaker, as a chess player. You speak so soft and look so sensitive but your chess is killer. Congratulations chess queen for being such a combination of beauty and brains. Chess does need an ambassador like you.

  4. Hamid Al Gufran, Cairo, Egypt says:

    you always being speaking good. reflection of the personality you possess as on chessboard and as outside it. good comment on sportaccord official site about you. Wishing you best wishes, your big fan, in land of pharoas, thanking you.

  5. infiscient, zurich says:

    golden words by the golden chess queen do well in turkey but i worry about you being tired. Please take care world champion.

  6. saira fernandes, madrid says:

    That’s really good. Ok since you’ve already been a model, poet, movie star – i would say another grandmaster who might be a budding politician. You spoke so confidently just so worth of your status as the ambassador of the games. All the best.

  7. jason bourne says:

    chess queen congratulations for your good run winning the team european championship, gold in rapid sportaccord and bronze in blindfold. now you have the team world for russia too soon i wish. i admire you for your chess but more than that for you as a person – you exude such positivity. we need world leaders like this who also understand their responsibility towards the community. hail chess queen.

  8. Abdul Hamid, Kuala Lumpur says:


  9. amrit puri, knights chess club says:

    back to following you online. all the best to the russian team. go girls go.