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September 15th, 2011

Kings beat Queens in Saint Louis chess; Kosteniuk top Queen result

The beautiful Kings vs. Queens tournament, organized by the Saint Louis Chess Club is over. The Kings won by 31.5 to 18.5, with an impressive showing by Hikaru Nakamura who won the event with 9.5 out of 10! In second place is GM Ben Finegold with 7.5, then IM’s Marc Arnold and IM Jacek Stopa with 6.0. Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk, who finished strong with 4 wins in a row, is top woman (Queen) with 5.5, followed by Kateryna Lahno 5.0, Irina Krush 3.0, Anna Zatonskix & Martha Fierro 2.5. The full table, photos and a nice video can be seen below.



The Queens Team (from left to right): Krush, Kosteniuk, Lahno, Fierro & Zatonskih



The King’s Team (from left to right): Stopa, Nakamura, Arnold, Finegold, Cao


A nice video analysis from the event:



If you like this video, you will also like the YouTube channels ChessQueen & ChessKing.



Thanks to the organizers for a superb tournament!

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12 Responses to “Kings beat Queens in Saint Louis chess; Kosteniuk top Queen result”

  1. Irenejas says:


  2. Chris says:

    Alexandra, what’s going on with you? First you lose the Championship VS those Chinese gals, now you let this fella win?

    I want to see you as a the World Champiion again…

    Anyhow, I still like you as the sexiest chess GN.


  3. Alexis Cochran says:

    whoa good going girl

  4. STARFAN, Dhaka says:

    I am your biggest fan Ms Kosteniuk. You exemplify beauty with brains. It is good to have you as an emblem for good chess champions and complete women. My congratulations from Bangladesh. Sorry my English is not too okay. But I find fun in your websites and blog around chess. Congratulations from me and my friends

  5. Jason, London says:

    Chess Queen Smart Pretty and Win(some).

  6. Pierre, Manhattan says:

    Siempre lo haces bien en Estados Unidos. Very interesting event. If they had more such events in America like this one then chess would become even more popular. You are a very charming chess ambassador I must say. Even Lahno did well. I am impressed by Hikaru Nakamura’s performance among the men.

  7. Amrit Puri, Knights Chess Club, New Delhi says:

    I wish you maintain the tempo. When is your next tournament? All the best. Great show. Congratulations to the Saint Louis Chess people for organising a very nice event. Very unique one at that.

  8. Sainath, Colombo says:

    great going by my favourite grandmaster

  9. Jessica Jasmine says:

    Best of luck Alexandra Kosteniuk

  10. GP says:

    would you repeat such event in EU?

  11. Ed T says:

    I had the opportunity to watch your interview with Miss Jennifer Shahade, and Mr.Yasser Seirawain
    I have seen, and heard you do many interviews, but this one was great! Alexandra, because I saw you laugh, and joke. And best of all you gave us an insight, as to what you, as a player think during a chess game.
    I hope you will do interviews like this more often, Alexandra.
    As for your wins they were great!
    To paraphrase a movie, “Summer School”. “Ladies, and Gentlemen the Queen is back.”

    You know what’s fantastic about you, Alexandra, unlike Bobby Fischer you always are willing to put yourself on the line. Without temper tantrums, or bad feelings.

    Best Wishes,

    Ed T

  12. Alexander says:

    Hi Xandra (new one, I guess :D )

    Nice interview. You were very confortable at the interview and I guess we all enjoyed it, even your oponnent.

    Congrats and I hope you come back playing the same chess that made you the chess Queen in 2008.

    Regarding chess videos, I think you are one of the pioneers in this area an I owe you much, since I love to see videos like these. Hope other tournament organizers catch this idea as well and please us ( audience) with this kind of interview mor often.

    Congratulations again and come to visit Brazil someday.