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June 20th, 2012

Game Chess Queen Kosteniuk vs. Elina Danielian, Kazan Grand Prix 2012

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk beats Elina Danielian in Kazan Grand PrixWe present the game played on June 20, 2012 between the 12th Women’s World Chess Champion, Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk and Elina Danielian from the Kazan Grand Prix 2012 (official site). There are 2 rounds to go. You can play over the moves in the Applet below, generated by Chess King software (we modified the board color from green to pink). Pay particularly attention to the moves 23. Nxd5+!! and 24. e6!! and 27.Qh8 with unavoidable mate to come. You will find a video of the press conference where Alexandra and Elina analyze their game (in Russian) on the official site.

Kosteniuk, Alexandra – Danielian, Elina

Result: 1-0
Site: Kazan Chess Grand Prix
Date: 2012.06.20

[...] 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.¤c3 ¤f6 4.¥g5 ¥e7 5.e5 ¤fd7 6.h4 c5 7.¥xe7 ¢xe7 8.dxc5 ¤c6 (8…¤xe5 9.£e2 ¤bc6 10.O-O-O £a5 11.f4) 9.£d2 ¤xc5 10.O-O-O £a5 +0.5611.¦h3 +0.33 N

(11.¤f3 +0.56 11…¤e4 +0.64 12.¤xe4 +0.60 12…dxe4 +0.60 13.£d6+ +0.72)
(11.£g5+ ¢f8 12.¤f3 ¤a4 13.¤xa4 £xa4 14.¢b1 ¥d7 15.£e3 ¤b4 …1-0, Fascetti Angelo 2052 – Silva Eduardo Munoa 2050 , Barrinha 11/17/2007 It (open))
(11.f4 ¤d7 12.¥b5 ¢f8 13.f5 ¤dxe5 14.f6 gxf6 15.£h6+ ¢e7 …1-0, Klauser Markus 2368 – Gleizerov Evgeny 2564 , Biel 7/21/2010 It (open))

11…h6 +0.52*

(11…d4 +0.33 12.£g5+ +0.64 12…¢f8 +0.52 13.¤b5 +0.68)
(11…¦d8 +0.60 12.£g5+ +1.02 12…¢f8 +1.17 13.¦g3 +1.17 13…g6 +1.12)

12.¤ge2 +0.6012…¦d8 +0.5013.£f4 +0.5013…¤d7 +0.5014.¦g3 +0.16*

(14.¦e3 +0.48 14…¢f8 +0.64)

14…¦g8 +0.50*

(14…¢f8 +0.15 15.£g4 +0.18 15…g6 +0.26)

15.¦e3 +0.5015…¦b8 +0.84

(15…g5 +0.48 16.hxg5 +0.48 16…hxg5 +0.44 17.£h2 +0.56)

16.¤d4 +0.8416…¤xd4 +1.18

(16…g5 +0.85 17.£f3 +0.85)

17.¦xd4 +1.0517…g5 +1.25

(17…a6 +1.07 18.h5 +1.45 18…£c5 +1.45)
(17…£c5 +1.91 18.b4 +2.13 18…£c6 +2.63 19.¦f3 +3.25 19…f5 +3.25)

18.hxg5 +1.2518…hxg5 +1.2219.£g3 +0.58*

(19.£f3 +1.22 19…£c5 +0.98 20.¤xd5+ +2.38 20…exd5 +2.38 21.¦xd5 +2.63)

19…£c5 +0.5820.£g4 +0.5820…b5 +0.5221.b4 +0.6721…£c6 +0.5822.£h5 +0.6022…a5 +4.67*

(22…¥a6 +0.60 23.a4 +0.68 23…bxa4 +0.64)

23.¤xd5+!! +4.5723…exd5 +4.5124.e6! +4.5224…¦g6 +5.8925.exd7+ +5.8125…¢xd7 +5.0126.¥d3 +5.2626…¦g7 +23.3527.£h8 +11.9327…£f6 +15.9028.¦xd5+ +14.7328…¢c6 +15.4029.¦c5+ +17.4729…¢d6 +299.9730.£f8+ Black resigns

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9 Responses to “Game Chess Queen Kosteniuk vs. Elina Danielian, Kazan Grand Prix 2012”

  1. crobay says:

    can me look the video..??

  2. Ranjan says:

    Well played, Alexandra!

  3. hi! you are a true meteor power chess! dissolves her opponent! think she does not play more chess with the trauma he had with this game! and 1000 kisses to the muse of chess

  4. alexis cochran, nz says:

    awesome killer chess queen

  5. chris, ny says:

    hungry CHESS QUEEN – very hungry! Your knight in shining armor doth come.

  6. j.l. vienna says:

    great show alexandra go girl go

  7. Andre, Barcelona says:

    May we have the pleasure of seeing you win both the last rounds Ms Chess Queen

  8. mesut says:

    I think she made you win easily by making several mistakes the game is easy for you to win. i wonder what would happen if Elina Danielian had played 24…NF6 instead of Rg6.

  9. chessqueen says:

    After 24.e6! it’s an easy win for white. If 24…Nf6 25. Qxf7+ wins immediately.