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June 17th, 2010

Chess Queen Oranges on eBay?

I’m totally hooked on chess.

I can’t resist checking daily on eBay if there is anything interesting which has a “chess motive” (that’s the keyword “chess”), black & white squares, or any chess pieces. My home is full with chess paintings, chess lamps, chess cushions, big chess pieces. I won’t speak of chess sets, some people say I have too many of those (I don’t agree). Finally, if you’re not convinced, I wear chess shoes, chess belts and chess hair clips, obviously.

So you can imagine the nice surprise today when I saw on eBay the following print representing a label for a 1910 brand of oranges, called “Chess Queen” (I particularly like everything relating to that keyword, I guess you can imagine why). Here is a bigger version of the label:

I immediately bought the print, of course. But don’t despair, there are 10 available, I only got 1, and it costs only $4.95 + shipping. So if you want one too, buy one!

After some research, I found out some information about the Ely-Gillmore Fruit Company, from Los Angeles, California, and even found out that they had another brand of oranges, called…. Bishop!

There must have been a chess lover in that company, for sure! It’s nice to see brands that bear “chess” names.

If you know of any other brands that have “chess” names, please enter them in the comments below.

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2 Responses to “Chess Queen Oranges on eBay?”

  1. Wayne says:

    Rook clothing:

    Bishop bikes:

    Enpassant Magazine:

    Checkmate Power boats:

    Enpassant used to be the name of the Canadian Chess Federation monthly magazine: