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May 28th, 2013

Chess Queen Kosteniuk’s Peace Message: Play Chess, No Wars!

Chess Queen Kosteniuk is champion for Peace for Peace & SportsBelow you will find a 4-minute interview I gave last time I was in Sochi at the Peace & Sports Forum. I consider it my duty to do the most I can to promote Peace in the World, and Chess helps me to do that! Watch the video to see my message of Peace.

You will recall I was named Champion for Peace (see Press Release, see the current champions for Peace, among which you will find champions Novak Djokovic, Yelena Isinbayeva, Paula Radcliffe, Marie-José Pérec and many more) and inaugurated a Chess for Peace program in Puerto Tejada, Colombia. I also supported the project “Chess for Creativity and Leadership” in Palestine.

Here is the 4-minute video with my message of Peace:

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Here is another 8-minute interview I gave for Peace & Sport:

In case you have not seen it, here is a 2-minute video
made after I became Women’s World Chess Champion in 2008:

And how I became the 12th Women’s World Chess Champion:

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12 Responses to “Chess Queen Kosteniuk’s Peace Message: Play Chess, No Wars!”

  1. alexis, nz says:


  2. wingamey says:

    World peace..a wonderful theme. And guess what? That’s what all those crowned beauty queens say! Rightfully fitting for our beautiful chess queen Alexandra! Way to go! Peace and love!

  3. Scott Young says:

    World peace , no wars. What a true paradise our small blue planet could be.Make chess not war. To bad our world leaders demand these conflicts to push their agendas on us.Keep up the message Alexandra.

  4. S.N. Colombo says:

    The best chess initiative I have ever seen and the most need of the world. Bow to you Chess Queen. You never fail to impress me with all your hard work. Congratulations and best wishes.

  5. Jason Bourne says:

    Piece by piece, she ‘peaces’ the world together – hail Chess Queen.

  6. Theo, London says:

    Chess Queen you rock!

  7. Jeane, Paris says:

    Good job Chess Queen – That’s the way to go. If people like you understand their social responsibility, we won’t have any war.

  8. info says:

    ((The following comment is absolutely serious …))

  9. ARCANVS6 says:

    Dear Chess-Queen!
    My position, which is rather compatible to Yours, is:
    1) The phenomenon of the evil within our world is in no way illusory.
    2) An eventual opinion, that the phenomenon of war within our world is ineradicable, is an evil opinion – that means, that it is a ‘belief in the evil’.
    3) necessity for searching for means, to ‘fight against’ – (sounds oddly) – the evil.

  10. KchessK says:

    You are a great ambassador for chess! I admire your work. Keep working hard Alexandra. 

  11. Chris, NY says:

    Chess Queen Kosteniuk’s Peace Message: Play Chess, No Wars! – the best thing you have done till date GM Kosteniuk

  12. Chris, NY says:

    is the previous comment (before mine) serious? whatever it means in chess or war terms?