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December 22nd, 2011

Chess Queen Kosteniuk Upgrades Logo to 3D

Hello everyone!
I just want to share with you the modernization of my “Chess Queen” logo from 2D to 3D. It’s also more in line with the Chess King logo, which is my new chess software project (site, shop, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).
Let me know if you like it this way!
Happy Holidays to everyone, and may 2012 bring you love and success in all you do!
P.S. You guessed it, purple is one of my favorite colors!




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19 Responses to “Chess Queen Kosteniuk Upgrades Logo to 3D”

  1. sebastian wolff, ny says:

    wow looks snazzy have a great chess year ahead dearest chess queen

  2. keith schmidt, berlin says:

    Very stylish just like you Chess Queen. greetings for the holidays and best wishes for 2012

  3. jason bourne, london says:

    that logo looks awesome. all the best for all your endeavours chess queen. the new logos bring you fresh new success in the year to come. merry xmas and prosperous 2012

  4. babblefish, paris says:

    keep up the good work chess queen. i take the opportunity to thank you from my entire family for all the beautiful things you do for chess. merry christmas and a great year ahead.

  5. symeonis, athens says:

    very very designer like the green and purple. purple is such an elegant color so it had to be your choice ms chess queen. wishing you all the luck in the world. WIN

  6. saira fernandes, madrid says:

    lovely logos for the lovely chess queen.

  7. Hamid Al Gufran, Cairo, Egypt says:

    me your humble fan i write again from land of pharos and thanking you for publishing all my previous comments on your sites and blogs. i bow to you. very nice designing of new look. you have many fans here ms chess queen mrs alexandra kosteniuk. please visit cairo in 2012. thanking you best wishes.

  8. Terrence Matthew David, london says:

    excellent neat clean design. excellent job. very much like your status. chess queen all the best for the 2012 new year and merry christmas greetings.

  9. Abdul Hamid, Kuala Lumpur says:

    marvellous logos suit you chess queen. greetings of the season all the way from kuala lumpur, malaysia

  10. anonymous says:

    merry christmas chess queen enjoy the cold

  11. amrit puri, knights chess club says:

    merry christmas wishing you all the luck in the world chess queen

  12. andre, colombia says:

    greetings chess queen. congratulations on the fantastic new logos. Thank you so much for Chess King. I think it is really revolutionary. I am just about trying the analysis engines and you bet… this is one strong engine out there. my son has already tried the puzzle mode. Excellent chess training here. Thanks.

  13. emma, london says:

    Hey chess queen of course i love the new logo this way. Really as cool as you. love, emma, london,

  14. chris, nj says:

    Two things upon this changing earth can neither change nor end; the splendor of Christ’s humble birth, the love of my chess queen. All the best Alexandra for a great time ahead and lots of success, your ever fan, chris

  15. lucy james harriet, manchester says:

    Can I have your picture, so Santa Claus knows exactly what to give me. Happy belated Christmas Chess Queen.

  16. jiu lin, beijing says:

    greetings chess queen – purple is such a sophisticated color. love your logo designs. have a great year ahead! Come to China again. As I said before Beijing is lucky for you!!!

  17. miguel says:

    happy holidays and wishing you a prosperous new year chess queen.

  18. Sayyeed Akram, Dubai says:

    wishing you lots of luck and happiness in 2012 dear chess queen. all the best with all your projects and keep doing so much of beautiful work like yourself to promote the chess sport in the world. thank you.

  19. Patricia, Rome says:

    Cheers Chess Queen!