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February 15th, 2013

Chess Queen Kosteniuk Top Woman at Super Strong Aeroflot Blitz Tournament

Chess Queen Kosteniuk is the top woman finisher at the 2013 Aeroflot Blitz OpenMany people know that I love playing blitz chess, from my YouTube channel and from my DVD “Chess Blitz Fever“. Yesterday I played in what may be the one of the strongest blitz open tournaments ever, the Aeroflot Blitz Open, with over 270 players, of which 107 players were Grandmasters, and in total 182 titled players. Ian Nepomniachtchi won with 15.5/18 followed by Peter Svidler and Grischuk. I was the best woman with 11 points and the 48th rank, followed by Harika 72nd, Tatiana Kosintseva 92nd, Lahno 93rd, Zhukova 117th. It was a tremendously strong tournament. My performance was 2632, which makes my FIDE rating go from 2581 to 2612 in the next Official March 1 FIDE Blitz Rating List, that’s a new record for me! You can see my detailed results and the complete rankings. My best result was to beat 2-0 each in our mini-matches GM Bukavshin (2697) and GM Kobalia (2636). See also the reports by top USA blogs ChessBlog, ChessDom, and Chessvibes. NEW! 3 GAME VIDEOS POSTED BELOW!

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk in Aeroflot 2013

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Chess Queen Kosteniuk is the top woman finisher at the 2013 Aeroflot Blitz Open

Here is my 6th game against GM Ivan Bukavshin (Elo 2697):

Here is my 7th game against GM Mikhail Kobalia (Elo 2636):

Here is my 8th game against GM Mikhail Kobalia (Elo 2636):

After those 3 games I had 8/8 and had to play against the top players, including the eventual winner Ian Nepomniachtchi, 6 games against 2700 players. I nevertheless managed to do alright at the end, and finished 1st woman with 11/18.

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12th women’s world chess champion

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12 Responses to “Chess Queen Kosteniuk Top Woman at Super Strong Aeroflot Blitz Tournament”

  1. Jennifer K. Aaron, Cologne says:

    YOU ARE AWESOME CHESS QUEEN – Most Lovable – How did you hold your nerve!

  2. alexis cochran, nz says:

    2632 OMIGOSH WOW

  3. Chris, NY says:

    Solid performance. Want to hear more.

  4. Justin Carmen, New Jersey says:

    Fantastic Chess. I assume you are going to be No. 1.

  5. Gerard, Paris says:

    Congrats GM Kosteniuk. That was a fine result.

  6. Ron says:

    Fantastic Alexandra.

  7. jean 314 says:

    Excellente performance Encore bravo à la Championne !

  8. Amrit puri, knights chess club, new delhi says:

    You are a blitz specialist so I am not surprised by the perfect score ahead of all the men after round 4. Just a bit unlucky you couldn’t take it all the way. But congrats nevertheless for the best among women score. It is a delight to watch your games. Waiting for videos.

  9. Scott Young says:

    Kickemugly!!= Good Luck champ!!

  10. Joseph S. says:

    You are beautiful…

  11. Bogart says:

    Aside from being a chess genius, you are so beautiful too Chessqueen. Wish you more success in Chess.

  12. David Ketterman says:

    There are two types of people, those who keep there nose in control and win championships and those who don’t.