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February 11th, 2012

Chess Queen Kosteniuk ran the Miami Beach 5K

Hello everybody!
I always tell you that it’s good to do other sports together with chess to be in good shape, so I did just that today and participated in the RUN MIAMI’s Live Ultimate Ocean Drive 5K 2012 Charity Run. My goal was to do under 25 minutes and I did 23:54! This is a photo of me just before we started the race. Do you like to run? What sports do you do to keep in shape?

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14 Responses to “Chess Queen Kosteniuk ran the Miami Beach 5K”

  1. You ran five kilometers that you was able to enjoy the scenery or competition How wos is there,
    I will be motivated to tomorrow is the highest dictates of mind enjoy walking in the direction of their own seeing to be no go I hope I have.

  2. Marcel says:

    I like to run too, but now in Catalonia is colder. Then I keep fit Going 2 times per week to closed swimming pool, indoors there is also an eliptic machine which I use to run 50 minutes one more time in the middle of the week only some weeks. I am looking forward to participating in a 10 km race in Lleida when the weather is hotter, in june: LA CURSA DELS TEMPLERS. See you there chess lovers?

  3. keith schmidt, berlin says:

    congratulations chess queen. that was fantastic performance. i am an old person and have traveled a lot to china so i do tai chi. its great to see you. god bless

  4. PetrS says:

    Very good time, Alexandra! I also like running, but I am slower than you! ;)

  5. alexis cochran, nz says:

    great job chess queen

  6. anonymous says:

    hey chess queen i was right behind you in the white cap. it was tough to even keep pace with you. Boy, you run fast. take care. see you soon again.

  7. sebastian wolff, ny says:

    what a girl what a chess queen congratulations alexandra

  8. hn, la says:

    you are inspirational

  9. amrit puri, knights chess club says:

    wow so that’s the secret of chess queen becoming world chess champion congratulations

  10. Abdul Hamid, Kuala Lumpur says:

    coolest world chess champion i know

  11. Daniel says:

    Good work, Alexandra :-) I like playing table-tennis. Like Bobby Fisher I guess!

  12. Daniel says:

    Oops! Moderator, could you please change that to “Fischer”? Thanks :-)

  13. Dr. James Parrish says:

    That is great and you had an excellent time! I recently ran the Miami Beach 1/2 Marathon and it was a great experience. Keep up the great work!

  14. Praise you says:

    Wow, your time is like a dare. My best time for 5k is 30′ and now I wonder when I’ll be strong enough to beat your time. Hopefully, within this year.

    You are a wonderful human being