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January 22nd, 2012

Chess King Software Super Combos

The best selling chess software combos Chess King and Chess King Pro (which include Houdini 2 and the huge GigaKing game database) and Chess King Training today have become even more affordable with a special “Free Shipping” offer until the end of January (regardless of where you live). Take advantage of this offer and get one for yourself of for a loved one. The Chess software Chess King has been top selling on the USCF web site and around the world.  The $50 coupon code “INTROKING50″ has been extended so that more people can get it for $49 instead of $99 (and Chess King Pro for $99 instead of $149 for people who have a PC with at least 2 cores and wish to have the strongest chess program possible).

To find out more about Chess King, watch the ad below, or check the description, the tutorial, the FAQ, or the help page. Buy any of the free shipping combos, and any of the Chess King packages. We highly recommend the Chess King Training software disks in addition or complement to the Chess King system.

You can find out more about Chess King from their official ad:

and check out a commented chess video by Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk in which you can see she’s using Chess King:

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7 Responses to “Chess King Software Super Combos”

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  3. alexis cochran, nz says:

    I congratulate you on what a fantastic Chess King you have created. I have given up playing online and started playing with Chess King. Am sure when i return to my online matches my rating is going up and my opponents will be shocked. what glee.

  4. amrit puri, knights chess club says:

    chess queen has found a worthy chess king – i really love the chess king voice. by the way i dont know how it’s happened but i gained 50 points online yesterday and i have played chess king only a week. love the interface, the color and the fantastic database. the best new year gift i got surely.

  5. saira fernandes, madrid says:

    Super program. I am hooked.

  6. san tan, a fan says:

    trying to learn chess king. i am impressed. it is the most amazing and impressing chess software i have found. what i really like is the ease of use and being able to export games straight to my blog. thanks chess queen. needless to add i love you.

  7. anonymous says:

    Chess Queen you love Chess King and so do I