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June 16th, 2010

Chess is Cool Comic published in Greek!

Hello boys and girls!

Can you guess what I am saying in the comic image to the left?

It’s taken from the Greek version of my comic series “Chess is Cool”, which I created together with René Duret from the Netherlands.

Thanks to Constantine Koutsoukos, who helped me translate it into Greek, and who got it published in the Greek kids magazine “Merika paithia se hriazontai…”, which means “Some children they need you…”. That’s great that Constantine helps to make chess even cooler in Greece, I sincerely appreciate that! There is more good news, more of my comics will be published in Greek in coming issues.

You can see the whole series of my comic in all languages on this page. Read the high-resolution version of this comic in English or in Greek.

My comics have beed written to promote chess in the world. You can feel free to download a copy in high-resolution in any language and have it printed wherever you please, just keep the images and text exactly as they are (although it’s allowed to translate the comics into new languages). And make sure to let me know if you do print it somewhere, I will be very happy!

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2 Responses to “Chess is Cool Comic published in Greek!”

  1. Robert Noland says:

    Alexandra: Give you enough time and I believe that you (with your undying passion, of course.) will be responsible for increasing the popularity of chess. I just have this gut feeling. 😉