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December 16th, 2011

Alexandra Kosteniuk wins Bronze Medal at Blindfold Mind Sport Games 2011

Hello everyone!
The 2011 Sport Accord Mind Sports Games are over and they were great! In the 3 events, I took Gold medal in the Rapid, 4th place in the Blitz, and Bronze in the Blindfold event. The only other player who also got 2 medals is Hou Yifan who got 2 Gold medals, in the blitz and in the blindfold, congratulations to her! The other ladies who got medals are Lahno and Dzagnidze (Silver & Bronze in the Rapid), Stefanova and Muzychuk A. (Silver and Bronze in the Blitz), and Cmilyte (Silver in the Blindfold). Thanks to Sport Accord for the kind words about me

they wrote on the official tournament web site

The Russian former world champion Alexandra Kosteniuk can be proud of her results also. She won the rapid competition and took the 4th and 3rd place in blitz and blindfold accordingly. And last but not least – she was selected as the Ambassador of this games among the other great players and officials of 5 mind sports. We can’t even imagine who can do this job better then her. She was brilliant – on the chess board and outside it.

Here is a photo of me and Hou Yifan, we both got 2 medals in China.

The 12th and the 13th women world champions of the history of chess
Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk and Chinese prodigy Hou Yifan
each won 2 medals at the 2011 Mind Sport Games

In about an hour I will fly directly from China to Turkey to take place in the 2011 World Team Championships, which start already on Sunday December 18, I hope you will support me and my team!

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10 Responses to “Alexandra Kosteniuk wins Bronze Medal at Blindfold Mind Sport Games 2011”

  1. Hamid Al Gufran, Cairo, Egypt says:

    I love you chess queen. The lovely words written about you bring tears to my eyes with joy. Wishing you all the best for turkey also. Congratulations congratulations and congratulations. You are just AWESOME.

  2. alexis cochran, nz says:

    power play by the power girls – Chess Queen all the best in Turkey.

  3. keith schmidt, berlin says:

    Beijing Conquest done – go conquer Turkey now chess queen

  4. Иренеяс says:

    Nice photo!!! Girls… :) ))

  5. aerodarts says:

    Looks like you still have it Mrs. Ambassador!

  6. Tamarind tree says:

    Chess Queen you look so stylish and killer in black

  7. j.l., vienna says:

    congratulations and celebrations – turkey here i come – heh heh. all the best chess queen. Ms Alexandra I would like to make a point here. You are of course a great player but you have gone that one step further to promote the sport. that is so very commendable. keep up the good work. you won two medals at sportaccord and also was the official ambassador. it is always so nice to read about you because there is always so much more that you bring to our sport of chess.

  8. andre says:

    chess queen i think i would find your blindfold game against hou yifan draw very very impressive

  9. saira fernandes, madrid says:

    Istanbul here comes the Chess Queen

  10. Youngbloed says:

    Our lovely Chessqueen and her Chinese successor, two Golden girls :-)