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December 12th, 2004

Alexandra played in the Grand Prix d'Aix-en-ProvenceAlexandra participated in the Grand Prix d’Aix-en-Provence, together with Karpov, Stefanova, Lautier, and 4 other GM’s who qualified in an open tournament the week before. The tournament was at the forefront of technology and it was a pleasure for spectators to watch the games live, with Grandmaster commentary on headphones and arrows and squares lighting up in line with the commentaries. This made it wonderfully entertaining to watch for chess masters and beginners alike. Contratulations to the organizer Stephane Laborde and we hope his Grand Prix becomes regular in the future. Alexandra was eliminated by the very strong Kazakh Grandmaster Murtas Kazgaleyev in 1/4 finals. Murtas was himself eliminated in 1/2 finals against Anatoly Karpov, who eventually won the tournament, and proved that he is still in top form. Look at our new photo album by clicking here.

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